June 29, 1970  
June 29, 1970 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

June 29, 1970

Dear Friend and Co-Worker:

   A month ago I wrote to you with the MOST IMPORTANT announcement about the dynamic PERSONAL APPEARANCE program for Garner Ted Armstrong for this summer.

   Now I want to tell you a bit about the AMERICA LISTEN program at Nashville, Tennessee. It was held the four nights and Sunday afternoon beginning Saturday night June 20, in the great 9,000-seat Municipal Auditorium.

   Thousands came. Thousands heard the inspiring news that THERE IS A SOLUTION for the fast-mounting evils in this sick, sick world.

   WHY should family and home life be falling apart all over America and Canada? WHY should crime be increasing by leaps and bounds? WHY should we have race problems, with rioting and violence? WHY all the protest, rioting, destruction and violence on college campuses? We don't have any of that on the three Ambassador College campuses.

   Garner Ted took along more than a hundred Ambassador students — users, chorale and band — to let the people SEE a few of the alert, vigorous, smiling, happy students who are applying the SOLUTION to all these evils.

   The Nashville campaign was a smashing success — met with a moving response — in spite of just about every obstacle that could have been thrown in the way.

   First let me give you a few words my son Garner Ted wrote from Nashville on the third day of the campaign, June 22nd:

   He wrote: "I have never been so sick since I spent four days in bed about six years ago. It just races up and down and back and forth through me. I don't know exactly what it is, but I always, miraculously, just barely have enough voice for the actual program, and then it falls apart afterwards. I've got a terribly swollen throat and tonsils, a violent headache and sinuses."

   This very same afternoon, a week ago today, last Monday June 22nd, I myself arrived at Nashville airport, having left our campus in England at 9:15 that morning. Ted and several others were at the airport to meet me. Ted had to speak in a whisper. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon. Do you believe in prayer? With two other ministers who had flown from England with me, I anointed my son and asked the Great God our Father to give him his voice for the Message that evening. I had the privilege of attending that one meeting. Ted's voice came strong and resonant, and never have I heard such speaking! Do you believe in answered prayer? Not many do today. But SOMEONE heard and gave him his voice not only, but dynamic and moving INSPIRATION besides!

   Ted had been telling the audiences at Nashville about the fast-accelerating evils that threaten to DESTROY our beloved country. Let me give you here, a little of the closing words of WARNING of Garner Ted Armstrong's first Message Saturday night.

   He said: "I would rather see America on her knees before her God than I would on her knees before her enemies!

   "It's ABOUT TIME we began to rub our noses and rub everybody else's nose in the meaning of America — and that includes the pornographers and the purveyors of filth. It's time we quit being the so-called 'silent, uninvolved, detached majority,' quietly letting the problems and the rest of the world go by. It's time we got active, and we rolled up our sleeves and we did something about it.

   "You know Jesus Christ was so jealous of that temple, he cast the money changers out. It's time we weren't afraid to carry a Bible openly on the streets, time we weren't afraid to read it. It's time we quit shuffling our feet in embarrassment, looking down wondering whether to close our eyes when somebody gives the invocation — and it's time invocations were not poetry and speeches and were genuine pleas to God to save this country of ours too!

   "I want to quote something that a great President of this country said years ago — and if it was so true then, how much truer is it today — a proclamation from Abraham Lincoln, April 30th, 1863. He said, and I quote, 'We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of heaven. We have been preserved these many years in peace and prosperity, we have grown in numbers, wealth, and power as no nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God! We have forgotten the gracious Hand which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us. And we have vainly imagined in the deceitfulness of our own hearts that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity for redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us!

   "'It behooves us then to humble ourselves before the offended Power to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness.' Then that President set aside a national day of prayer and fasting!

   "I want you to all rise and join us up here in singing and feeling and meaning as we close tonight. Let's sing God Bless America — and this time let's mean it!

(After a verse or two of the song, and with its music in the background, this prayer — )

   "O, God — make America worth blessing! Make us, Father in heaven, get on our knees before You, and let You bless us, because we know You'll never bless anybody that You can't rule and who won't obey Your Law! Bless us because we can deserve a little more of Your Blessing, and not some of the curses we've been under. Help us solve pollution and racism and hatred and pornography, and all the crime! Oh, God, bless America, save this country. Get us on our knees before You and don't make us fall before our enemies! Save this country of ours before it's too late! Make us somehow, God in heaven, dedicate ourselves to You."

   The Cincinnati campaign will open this coming Saturday night, July 4th. There is vital need for the fervent and believing prayers of all who BELIEVE — that GREAT GOOD may be accomplished.

   Once again I ask, WHY should the world be suffering all these evils? WHY? It is a fast-CHANGING world — changing rapidly from bad to worse. NEVER in all history, so far as we know, has it CHANGED so drastically and rapidly in retrogression and degeneration. Our wonderful countries are going DOWN, DOWN, D O W N — in morals, in crime, in violence, in pollution, in spiritual values. They are going THE WAY that led to the FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE! They are going down — AND OUT — unless they DO LISTEN — before it is too late!

   There IS a SOLUTION! As I wrote before, I have personally applied the solution 43 years. It has been applied on Ambassador College campuses 23 years! We have PEACE! We have BEAUTY! We have HAPPINESS! We have right and stable CHARACTER. Thousands of our Co-Workers have found THE WAY that causes the RIGHT results in your personal lives.

   Time is now RUNNING OUT! We are getting this dynamic Message to the whole WORLD with POWER! Thousands ARE listening, heeding — their lives being CHANGED! It is the greatest Work on earth today! Every dollar placed in it GOES FARTHER than any other place I know. Read the "Personal" in the next PLAIN TRUTH — off the press in a few days. It shows how, in this Work, today's 18 cent dollar GOES FARTHER than the 100 cent dollar went in 1902! In this Work, YOU, as a Co-Worker, are having A PART in changing thousands of lives every year — having a PART in CHANGING THE WORLD from one of sickness and evils into a happy, JOYOUS, PEACEFUL WORLD TOMORROW! We are PREPARING THE WAY!

   The financial need was never so GREAT! Your continued faithfulness is sorely NEEDED now, and in the difficult days, weeks, and months ahead. And YOUR EARNEST PRAYERS added to financial sacrifice will MULTIPLY wonderful results!

Sincerely, with love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 29, 1970
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