June 27, 1973  
June 27, 1973 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Publisher of The PLAIN TRUTH Magazine

An educational service at all levels for all people worldwide

June 27, 1973

Dear Co-Workers in the Work of the Living GOD:

   Plans are now being made to launch perhaps the biggest drive to get the Gospel into many nations in the history of the Work. I feel it will be the dynamic so-called shot-in-the-arm the Work needs at this point. It concerns something that is developing out of the many invitations I have had to have personal meetings with heads of many governments around the world. For example, my next visit to Japan is now definitely planned for a full-time Bible study with some of the highest officials of that nation. I will be going fully into the real gospel which was not preached to the world for 18 1/2 centuries. They have come to have confidence in me. God has given me great favor in the eyes of many world leaders. Now the time has come where I shall be able to get this tremendous message over not only to heads of nations, but to THEIR PEOPLE.

   For example, I have just come from a visit with Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. He mentioned that he realized I was the spiritual leader of a worldwide following, and he accorded me a respect that was unique, as did many top officials of that nation. At one meeting I spoke to the Ambassadors of 19 nations, including the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, and received an invitation to visit Peking and top leaders of China.

   I cannot give you details right now, but I feel I will have a most exciting and unusual announcement to make in my next letter to you.

   I have been working energetically on the revised edition of my Autobiography. The revised edition of the first volume is now all set to type, ready for the press. Most of the second volume is also set to type. Have decided to offer immediately Volume I, and Volume II will follow within 90 days.

   To give you a bit of an advance idea of what is in the Autobiography, I quote here a portion of the introduction in the book:

   "From beginnings humble and small without parallel, to the magnitude of today's enterprises and worldwide impact is the story of GROWTH unbelievable! It is the incredible story of something never done before never done THIS WAY a seemingly impossible achievement utterly unique in the world!

   "By all the criteria of organizational and institutional experience, it simply could never have happened.

   "Every phase of this globe-girdling Work has been something altogether UNIQUE a first the blazing of a new trail.

   "And since this is the life story of a man, what led a man who had been unusually successful in the world of mammon, with his energy and drive solely directed toward self-gain and status in the business world, to reverse his entire life goal and become dedicated to the things of God? Why should a man turn his back on material rewards, and devote his life to GIVING instead of getting?

   "How I came to receive the eye-opening shock of my life, and in due time to be literally thrust into the very last calling and profession I would ever have chosen, was an experience as UNIQUE as everything done since.

   "I repeat, this reversing of trends, ways and procedures has not been that of my devising. As I look back over the years, I can only shake my head in wonderment. I have not done these things no man could. I cannot take credit. Yet, paradoxically, I have been privileged to have the leading part in them.

   "This, truly, is one of the most incredible success stories of our time. There is a very significant reason! For it is the story of what the living God can do and has done through a very average human instrument, called and chosen by Him one whose eyes He opened to astonishing truth one He reduced to humble obedience, yielded in faith and dedicated to God's way! God promises to bless His own Work. And HOW GREATLY He has blessed and prospered it! Like the grain of mustard seed, it GREW!

   "It is a historic fact that many times the unseen One has prepared in advance those to be used as His instruments for getting His purpose accomplished. In my personal case, looking back in retrospect in my 81st year, I have felt that the advance preparation, even from childhood, was a thrilling succession of unusual and intriguing experiences.

   "Thousands have requested that I write the details of those experiences.

   "I came to realize that the recording of one's life experiences can be inspiring and helpful to others provided there has been something of real value in those experiences. The influence exerted on me by personal association with numerous leaders among men, in business, industry, education, government, and by reading of such lives, played their part in carrying me through an eventful life, filled with interesting, exciting and unusual experiences. They have helped solve problems, meet difficulties, sorrows, sufferings. They have contributed also to successes, and the joy of participating in great accomplishments.

   "And now, looking back on a long life well filled with action, effort, travel, important personal meetings with the so-called great and the near-great, many world leaders, kings, presidents, prime ministers, educators, industrialists, heads of great banks, scientists a life replete with exciting events and unusual experiences, I feel that the recording of all this might impart some measure of inspiration and help to the reader.

   "It is my sincere hope and desire that the reader will be helped to a richer, fuller, more abundant life by this Autobiography."

   This is not a pamphlet or booklet. It is a full-size book, running into hundreds of pages in each volume. And, of course, there is no charge NO PRICE. I'm sure you know we have nothing to sell.

   But I have been literally high pressured by many people to get out this Autobiography, with Volume II which has not previously been published in book form.

   I know it is costing us something to do this and we simply cannot afford to offer it to all PLAIN TRUTH subscribers, for they are now more than THREE MILLION. But I do feel you Coworkers, and members of the Worldwide Church of God, ought to have it at least all who did not receive Volume I when we offered it some years ago. Of course, if you already have received Volume I, then simply order Volume II, and it will be sent when published perhaps in 60 to 90 days.

   BIG THINGS are being planned for GOD'S WORK.

   I am writing this from our campus in England. I am returning to Pasadena almost immediately, and taking with me Mr. Charles F. Hunting, a Vice President who has been in charge of financial affairs in Britain, Europe and the Middle East. He will be my personal Administrative Assistant. This is going to make possible BIGGER THINGS so far as my personal overall supervision and direction of the WHOLE WORK is concerned. Garner Ted has his own administrative assistants, and he and I are working together in closer harmony and effectiveness than ever before. He has really important plans for the television programs. They will be much improved, we feel, from now on.

   We all need to be kept in CLOSER HARMONY, BY MORE INTENSIVE AND PREVAILING PRAYER WITH GOD! I personally need your earnest prayers, and so does Garner Ted. We pray DAILY FOR YOU! THANK YOU from the heart for prayers, and your continued generous offerings besides tithes, as God commands us all.

With sincere love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 27, 1973
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