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Isaiah says four special names will be given to Jesus. Name one.
Counsellor; Mighty God; Everlasting Father; Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6
Bible Study    -    58 Lesson Course
Lesson 2 - The Fate of Mankind?
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Lesson 2 - The Fate of Mankind?

58 Lesson:
Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

| 1977 5037/7908 | 1971 50M371 | 1965 665 | 1961 162 | 1955 962 |
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The search for world peace continues while arsenals of lethal weapons grow larger. Experts predict the earth will soon become an incinerated relic - UNLESS world conditions are dramatically REVERSED. Exactly what does the future hold for mankind? This lesson reveals the ANSWERS in the prophecies of your Bible! WORLD leaders and scientists are frankly frightened by the prospects of the future! They warn that man now possesses the means of committing COSMOCIDE - suicide of the whole human race - and even talk in terms of "overkill." They realize something totally unforeseen must soon occur to stop the present man will finally trend of world events DESTROY himself!

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Publication Date: 1971 50M371
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