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Lesson 30 - Beware The Day of the Sun!
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Lesson 30 - Beware The Day of the Sun!

58 Lesson:
Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

| 1967 12M868 | 1967 8M867 | 1967 5M367 | 1963 664 | 1963 563 |

PERILOUS TIMES ARE JUST AHEAD! The worldwide DANGER signals are up just as Christ SAID they would be! Your Bible prophesies that unparalleled VIOLENCE from fierce, SATANIC MEN men having an OUTWARD form of godliness is just ahead! These men will soon DIABOLICALLY enforce the observance of SUNday upon the people of this earth. They will use every means at their disposal including sheer brute force!

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Note: Bible Study 58 - Lesson 30 - Test are supplied at the end of the 32nd Lesson for Lesson 30 - 1967 Revision 8M867

Publication Date: 1967 8M867
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