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Whom do we deceive if we say we have no sin?

I John 1:8
The Real Jesus
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The Real Jesus

It's time you met the real Jesus. It's time you knew Him as He was: sometimes brusque, abrupt and authoritative. Always thoughtful, philosophical and profound. It's time you knew that Jesus could be the kindest and most gentle human being on earth, showing boundless love, mercy and forgiveness to those who genuinely asked for it and were in a repentant spirit. But it is time to recognize that Jesus could also radiate blazing anger and could hurl swift, incisive indictments at all posturing egotists, self-righteous religionists, simpering crowd followers, or even at His own beloved disciples when they got out of line. It's time you knew that Jesus perspired just as you do; that He grew desperately hungry and tired; that He almost starved to death on one terrible occasion; that He suffered through the entire panorama of human temptations, passions and emotions which are common to us all; that He enjoyed good food and drink; that He appreciated feminine beauty.

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Publication Date: 1977
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