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Who am I: I am a woman in the New Testament. I was frustrated with housework. Mary was my sister and Lazarus my brother.

Luke 10:39-40; John 11:1
The key to the Book of REVELATION
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The key to the Book of REVELATION

MYSTERY Book of all the books! If the Bible as a whole is the Book that NOBODY understands, (except the very "elect"), certainly the REVELATION is the one Book IN the Bible least understood of all! Yet this Book is the very KEY to understanding of all the prophecies! CAN it, then, be understood? It can, if you have the key to this Book, itself. We give you, here, this KEY. This is not intended to be an exposition of the Revelation - merely a brief outline to give you the KEY which will unlock its true meaning for YOU. It's interesting - thrilling - vital. But to really grasp the fascinating TRUTH you'll have to STUDY this, carefully, reading every text quoted, as well as the entire Book, in your own Bible. HAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, FROM Now? No man can foretell these events. But we can know what will happen provided we can UNDERSTAND the prophecies of the Bible!

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Publication Date: 1952
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