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Now Revealed: The True History of the Early Christian Church
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Now Revealed: The True History of the Early Christian Church
Ronald D Kelly   
Church of God

Born: 1938
Member Since: 1956
Ordained: 1976
Office: ACE - Evangelist

Co-host of The World Tomorrow from 1988 until 1994

Chronology List of Roman Emperors:

From the Beginning of the Empire to the Division into East and West in 384 A.D.

Emperor Date
Augustus 27 B.C. 14 A.D.
Tiberius 14 37 A.D.
Gaius (Caliguia) 37 41
Claudius 41 54
Nero 54 68
Galba 68 69
Otho 69
Vitellius 69
Vespasian 69 79
Titus 79 81
Domitian 81 96
Nerva 96 98
Trajan 98 117
Hadrian 117 138
Antoninus Pius 138 161
Marcus Aurelius 161 180
Commodus 180 192
Pertinax, etc. 193
Septimius Severus 193 211
Caracalla and Geta 211 212
Caracalla alone 212 217
Macrinus 217 218
Elagabalus 218 222
Alexander Severus 222 235
Maximinus Thrax 235 238
Gordianus I, II, etc. 238
Gordianus III 238 244
Philippus Arabs 244 249
Decius 249 251
Gallus and Volusianus 251 253
Aemilianus 253
Valerian 253 260
Gallien 260 268
Claudius II, etc. 268 270
Aurelianus 270 275
Tacitus, etc. 275 276
Probus, etc., etc. 276 284
Diocletian 284 305
Maximian 286 305
Galerius and Constantius Chlorus 293
Galerius and Constantius succeed as Augusti; Maximinus Daia and Severus become Caesars 305
Constantius dies; Constantine becomes Caesar in West; Maxentius supplants Severus in Italy 306
Licinius made Caesar, and later Augustus by Galerius 307
Constantin assumes title of Augustus 307
Maximinus Daia becomes Augustus(?) 309
Death of Galerius 311
Macentius defeated by Constantin at Milvian Bridge and slain 312
Edict of Mediolanum issued by Constantin and Licinius 313 (January)
Maximinus Daia, defeated by Licinius, kills himself 313
Constantin sole emperor after defeat and death of Licinius 323 337

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Publication Date: May 1967
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