Now Revealed: The True History of the Early Christian Church
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Now Revealed: The True History of the Early Christian Church

Chronology of Events in the Early Church:

Date Biblical Events Events in Palestine Events in Roman Empire
40 B.C. Herod made king of Judah
27 B.C. Octavian (Augustus) becomes Emperor
3 B.C. Death of Herod
4 B.C. Birth of Christ
6 A.D. Judah made a Roman province
9 A.D. Christ confounds teachers at Jerusalem
14 A.D. Death of Augustus Tiberius becomes Emperor
25 A.D. Caiaphus made Jewish High Priest
26 A.D. Pontius Pilate made governor of Judea
27 A.D. Christ baptized and begins His ministry
31 A.D. Christ crucified (April 25)
31 A.D. Church receives Holy Spirit (June 18)
31 A.D. Simon Magus baptized
35 A.D. Paul converted
36 A.D. Pilate sent to Rome
37 A.D. Herod Agrippa made king of Judea and Samaria Gaius (Caligula) made Emperor at Rome
41 A.D. Claudius made Emperor
42 A.D. Matthew written
43 A.D. James is martyred
44 A.D. Agrippa dies
47 A.D. Paul's First Journey
49 A.D. Council at Jerusalem
50 A.D. Paul's Second Journey
50 A.D. Gospel goes to Europe exactly 19 years after founding of the Church
51 A.D. Paul writes I and II Thessalonians
51 A.D. Felix made Procurator
52 A.D. Paul writes Galatians Herod Agrippa II made Tetrarch Claudius banishes the Jews from Rome
53 A.D. Paul's Third Journey
53-55 A.D. Paul's stay at Ephesus
54 A.D. Nero becomes Emperor
55 A.D. Paul writes I Corinthians (spring); II Corinthians (fall)
55-56 A.D. Paul writes Romans
56-58 A.D. Paul imprisoned at Caesarea
59 A.D. Paul appeals to Caesar; is sent to Rome
59-61 A.D. Paul writes "Prison Epistles" Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon
60-62 A.D. James (Christ's brother) writes his epistle Festus made Procurator (60 A.D.)
62 A.D. James (Christ's brother) is killed Albinus made Procurator
64 A.D. Paul writes Hebrews Florus made Procurator Conflagration at Rome Persecution of Christians
64 A.D. Paul visits Asia Minor, perhaps also Spain and Britain
65 A.D. Paul returns to Rome
65 A.D. Writes I Timothy, Titus, II Timothy
66 A.D. Paul's death at Rome probably beheaded
68 A.D. Galba becomes Emperor
69 A.D. Otho becomes Emperor; Vitellius becomes Emperor; Vespasian becomes Emperor
70 A.D. Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus
75 A.D. Peter writes I Peter
77 A.D. Peter writes II Peter
79 A.D. Titus becomes Emperor
80 A.D. Death of Peter
81 A.D. Domitian becomes Emperor; Christian persecutions
85-87 A.D. John writes I, II, and III John
80's A.D. (?) Jude writes his epistle
95-96 A.D. John writes Revelation
96 A.D. Nerva becomes Emperor
98 A.D. Trajan becomes Emperor
100-101 A.D. Death of John

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Publication Date: May 1967
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