Bible Study    -    58 Lesson Course
Lesson 29 - The Origin of Satan and Sunday Lesson 29 - The Origin of Satan and Sunday
Ambassador College - 1969

THE ORIGIN OF SATAN AND SUNDAY. JUST HOW did Sunday - the day of the SUN - originate? Did God create this day to be holy - as so many CARELESSLY ASSUME? Exactly WHY has a day in honor of the sun been set aside for rest and worship? WHO IS responsible for its origin? And what is the DIABOLICAL MOTIVE ...

Lesson 30 - Beware The Day of the Sun! Lesson 30 - Beware The Day of the Sun!
Ambassador College - 1967

BEWARE THE DAY OF THE SUN! PERILOUS TIMES ARE JUST AHEAD! The worldwide DANGER signals are up - just as Christ SAID they would be! Your Bible prophesies that unparalleled VIOLENCE from fierce, SATANIC MEN - men having an OUTWARD form of godliness - is just ahead! These men will soon DIABOLICALLY enf ...

Lesson 31 - What Is The Lesson 31 - What Is The "Mark of the Beast"?
Ambassador College - 1967

WHAT IS THE "MARK OF THE BEAST"? Do YOU realize the "Mark of the Beast" is about to be ENFORCED as it was during the Middle Ages? You must be sure this brand is NOT upon YOU - lest you SUFFER the consequences! Yet millions of professing Christians today have unwittingly allowed t ...

Lesson 32 - Lesson 32 - "Mark of the Beast" To Be Enforced Again!
Ambassador College - 1967

WHAT THE "BEAST" once did, it is to do again!! Prophecy warns that the satanically inspired "Mark of the Beast" is soon to be enforced once again by a REVIVAL of a church-dominated "Holy Roman Empire." Only this time the modern "Holy Roman Empire" will masquer ...

Test Eight - For Lessons 29 - 32 Test Eight - For Lessons 29 - 32
Ambassador College

THIS examination is given to help you better understand your Bible and evaluate your own progress. It is a SIMPLE EXAMINATION covering your studies in this group of four lessons. It's a quick review to help you remember and put to practical use the vital knowledge you have learned. Notice that fou ...


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