Why Should You Rejoice at the Feast? Why Should You Rejoice at the Feast?
Clayton D Steep  -  Good News   -  September 1982

You are specifically commanded by God to rejoice at the Feast of Tabernacles. But why? And what should you rejoice about? There's no doubt about it. We all like to be happy. God designed us that way. He knows happiness is the best state to be in. I Timothy 1:11 calls God the "blessed God.&quo ...

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Lesson 31 - Last Great Day - God's Master Plan Completed! Lesson 31 - Last Great Day - God's Master Plan Completed!
Ambassador College  -  Bible Study 32-Lesson   -  1984

Untold millions have died without ever having had an opportunity for salvation. God's seventh and final Holy Day reveals when and how they will have their day of salvation. ...

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The Bible Story - Volume II The Bible Story - Volume II  -  Chapter 29
Basil Wolverton  -  Ambassador College Publication   -  1961

MOSES BREAKS TEN COMMANDMENTS AARON leaped to his feet when he heard Moses and Joshua were coming. "Send out men to the base of the mountain!" he ordered. "But don't you want to meet them?" the officer queried. "No. Not yet," Aaron answered hesitantly, waving the offi ...

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Jeff Calkins  -  Plain Truth   -  January 1978

For centuries religionists have tried to divorce the fourth commandment from the other nine in the Decalogue, contending that the Sabbath is mere ritual They haven't understood the moral and ethical reasons why God devised it in the first place. In any given weekend in the United States, the freew ...

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Prophecy and God's Church Prophecy and God's Church
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Sermon   -  January 31, 1976

Greetings once again everybody, last Sabbath I had a big audience and I would say it was bigger than our audience today comparatively, for the place where it was held, because it was held in Nassau one of the Islands just a little ways east of Florida and we're not on the air there, I think we hav ...

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Questions & Answers Questions & Answers
Good News Staff  -  Good News   -  February 1982

What is a new moon? How does God want us to regard new moons today? At creation week God made the day to consist of evening and morning (Gen. 1:5). He also created the Sabbath day to make the week complete (Gen. 2:2-3). The month, according to God's method of reckoning time, begins at the new moon ...

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The Plain Truth About Healing - Part 3 The Plain Truth About Healing - Part 3
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Good News   -  August 14, 1978

WHAT BOTH OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS REVEAL; Many believe, today, that Jesus healed and performed miracles only to demonstrate He was the Christ, but we read of miraculous healings all through the Old Testament. The Israelites, on their trek out of Egyptian slavery, came to Marah. The water was too bitt ...

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Raymond F McNair  -  Plain Truth   -  May 1966

This surprising second installment uncovers the hidden causes of poverty. It explains why such a paradox as a "war on poverty" could occur in the world's richest nation. It makes plain how poverty will be eradicated from the earth. PART II. GOD Almighty put Adam and Eve in the Garden of ...

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Stories From The New Testament: Chapter 7 - Multitudes Follow Jesus Stories From The New Testament: Chapter 7 - Multitudes Follow Jesus
Shirley King Johnson  -  Good News   -  October-November 1981

It was the weekly Sabbath, and the disciples accompanied Jesus to Capernaum's synagogue (Mark 1:21). As usual, Jesus was asked to read from the sacred scrolls and to teach. He stepped to the raised platform near the center and, taking a chair, accepted a scroll. When He was finished reading He exp ...

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The Fifth Commandment The Fifth Commandment
Roderick C Meredith  -  Plain Truth   -  June 1960

WHY so much juvenile delinquency? WHY so much disrespect for all law and constituted authority? The true answer is found in this fifth installment of a series expounding God's Ten Commandments. YOUTHFUL violence and insolence characterize the age in which we live. Broken homes are increasing. Teen ...

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'Love Thy Neighbor' - Just What Does That Mean? 'Love Thy Neighbor' - Just What Does That Mean?
Ellis E LaRavia  -  Good News   -  February 1982

The lawyer had talked himself into a corner, and he knew it. He had intended to trick Christ, to somehow embarrass this upstart Nazarene carpenter. But his plan had backfired. He wasn't tempting Christ; rather, Christ was convicting him. The lawyer had asked Christ, "Master, what shall I do to inh ...

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Evaluate Your Family Growth Evaluate Your Family Growth
Robert D Oberlander  -  Good News   -  February 1979

The alarm sounds, and signs of life begin to emerge from within the Rogers household. Scott's been up since 6:30, trying to make it to high school band practice on time for a change. Eddie, who's studying advanced physics at the university, is contemplating the relative relationship betw ...

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How YOU Can Overcome How YOU Can Overcome
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Good News   -  June-July 1982

How can you overcome and master your human nature? and keep ALL God's commandments? I FEEL I must have a real heart-to-heart talk with my family of readers and co-workers, sharing with you thoughts that came to my mind. It concerns the most important thing in life and eternity for you. But at the ...

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To Be Announced To Be Announced
Pastor General Staff  -  Pastor General's Report   -  February 13, 1978

Please announce the following paragraph in Sabbath services; Attention all prospective Ambassador College students. The Admissions Committee is now accepting students for the 1978 fall semester. Completed applications will be given immediate attention and applicants should be notified within a few w ...

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Brethren & Co-Workers Letter - August 28, 1964 Brethren & Co-Workers Letter - August 28, 1964
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Brethren & Co-Workers Letter   -  August 28, 1964

GREETINGS again from Pasadena! Mrs. Armstrong and I have arrived safely back at World Headquarters of God's Work, in Pasadena. We stopped over four days in New York, and another four in Chicago, where, with the president of our Advertising Agency, many contacts were made with radio station manager ...

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