Paul W Kroll  -  Plain Truth   -  March 1974

It is emperor against pope as the Hohenstaufen rulers seek to make the Holy Roman Empire a messianic kingdom of God on earth. The emperors fail; their empire is shattered by the papacy. With the destruction of the Holy Roman Empire, chaos settles over Europe. On Earth God has placed no more than two ...

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Passover Preparation Passover Preparation
Harold Way  -  Sermon   -  Passover   -  March 4, 2009

Very happy Sabbath and good afternoon to each of you. Brethren as it has been mentioned, Passover is only a few days away and God desirers that we come to the Passover in the right attitude, in the right frame of mind and with the right approach to what is actually taking place. Now there may be tim ...

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The Autumn Festivals The Autumn Festivals
Herman L Hoeh  -  Bible Study (Audio/Video)   -  September 16, 1977

Now this evening there are a number of things that we might like to discuss with respect to the Holy Days, with respect to the upcoming autumn Festival. I thought that perhaps later in the evening we might have an opportunity to focus in some questions you might have not here before answered. There+ ...

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How Does God Call Today? How Does God Call Today?
Brian Knowles  -  Good News   -  January 1979

The apostle Paul was struck down on the road to Damascus. Samuel heard God's voice in the night. But how does God call in our modern 20th century? The days and months following the day of Pentecost, A.D. 31, were exciting and momentous times for the fledgling Church of God. Each day God was adding ...

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OBEY God by Attending His Feast of Tabernacles! OBEY God by Attending His Feast of Tabernacles!
Roderick C Meredith  -  Good News   -  September 1962

There are more BLESSINGS than ever in store this year. You NEED the fellowship and spiritual "meat" provided at God's Festival! "BUT be ye DOERS of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves" (James 1:22). You brethren in GOD'S Church know that He has commanded ...

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God's Will Reflect On God's Holiness God's Will Reflect On God's Holiness
John H Ogwyn  -  Sermon   -  November 6, 1999

How can you know what God's will is, how can you know the will of God? Is it God's will for you to do this or that particular thing? Is it a matter of God's will that you take this job or marry that person or do this thing or that thing? Does God's will predetermine all the things that you d ...

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HOW TO BE Saved! HOW TO BE Saved!
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Good News   -  February 1952

Millions have been led to think they are saved, who are only deceived, and don't know it! - Here is a frank, daring article, making the truth PLAIN! IT'S HARD to believe, but it's true. Millions have believed on Jesus Christ - and are not saved! Millions worship Christ - and all in vain! Almos ...

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Jeff Calkins  -  Plain Truth   -  May 1974

Diplomatic forces now at work give the Vatican an opportunity to play an important new role in an Arab Israeli settlement and, simultaneously, increase Roman Catholic influence in the Holy Land. One of the long-festering issues of the Middle East is the problem of who governs Jerusalem and its relig ...

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Keep Your Eyes On Christ Keep Your Eyes On Christ
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Sermon   -  1981

Brethren after speaking here on last Sabbath I spoke to a group of virtually 3,000 or 2,800 of our people up at Stockton on the day of Pentecost which was the next day or last Sunday and on next Sabbath, God willing, I hope to be speaking to a still larger group of our brethren and they expect about ...

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Passover Date In PT Passover Date In PT
Pastor General Staff  -  Pastor General's Report   -  April 10, 1978

In the Question and Answer section of the April '78 Plain Truth the question "Would it be possible to print the times of the holy days this spring?" gave an answer that the Passover is on April 21. We neglected to clarify that Passover services are held in the evening of April 20. ...

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Arab-Israeli Aftermath... MORE WAR IN JERUSALEM? Arab-Israeli Aftermath... MORE WAR IN JERUSALEM?
Charles V Dorothy & Ernest L Martin  -  Plain Truth   -  July 1967

You have lived through the most amazing war in centuries, and the beginning fulfillment of DYNAMIC BIBLE PROPHECIES for our day! Read this eyewitness report of the Mideast crisis, and KNOW IN ADVANCE the explosive events soon to SHAKE THE WORLD from the Holy Land. Jerusalem, Israel. Long live Israel ...

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Children's Corner: Lights, Not Horns! Children's Corner: Lights, Not Horns!
Worldwide News Staff  -  Worldwide News   -  December 30, 1985

"But, Uncle Ivan," 9 1/2-year-old Debbie Ellison scolded, "you shouldn't clean your garage on the Sabbath!" "Young lady," her uncle answered impatiently. "this may be your Sabbath, but it isn't mine, so I'll do as I please!" "But it's God's Sabb ...

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The Time Has Come for Fasting and Prayer! The Time Has Come for Fasting and Prayer!
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Good News   -  January 1980

We are in the last days of this present world. God's Church has not been ready for Christ's coming. Here's the way to become ready. OUR TIME FOR finishing the Work of God may now be very short. The new GIANT WORLD POWER of the United States of Europe - the revived "HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE" o ...

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Timeline: Revelation Timeline: Revelation
Worldwide Church of God  -  Reference Book

Seals started in 31 A.D. (Matthew 24:3-7) - Seals continue on to the present (Matthew 24:8) - Sacrifices start (at some point) - Sacrifices End - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - 1st Seal, White Horse Deception (Rev. 6:2, Mat. 24:4-5) - 2nd Seal, Red Horse War (Rev. 6:3-4, Mat. 24:6-7) - 3rd Seal, ...

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The Wisdom of the World The Wisdom of the World
David J Albert  -  Sermon   -  April 12, 1980

I would like to give kind of a post Days of Unleavened Bread sermon because I have a sneaky suspicion that there's one kind of leaven we probably didn't get all the way out, there might be five or six or eight or ten different kinds. All of you who succeeded in getting all of your sins out durin ...

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