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What city became Israel's religious centre in King David's time?
What Happens After Death?
Telecast Date: September 23, 1981
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Greetings, you have loved ones who have died, where are they now, are they seeing you, are you going to see them again and when and how, do they know what you're doing now? Well how do you know what happens when you die, how do you know where your loved ones are and what has happened to them and whether they see you or not today? I didn't know, I always believed just what I had been taught and what I had always heard just like you have. You've heard everybody say that, everybody talks about going to Heaven or hell when you die, some say purgatory. You've heard those things all your life. You know when I was first married my wife told me...

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Telecast Date: September 23, 1981