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Give Yourself A Break
Youth Magazine
February 1981
Volume: Vol. I No. 2
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Give Yourself A Break
Sandra Atkinson  

Your body is more complex than today's supercomputers. Be sure you're giving it the break it deserves! Every day we have choices to make: what to wear, what to buy, what to do - the list goes on and on. Some of these decisions are trivial, but others are more important. What about food? Do you ever ask yourself, "What should I eat?" Does it really make any difference what foods we fill our bodies with? Yes! It does make a difference. Food choices are important because what we eat affects what we look like, how much energy we have and how we react with others, not only now but in the years to come. Our human bodies are complex and intricate creations of God, even more complex than the supercomputers of our age.

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Youth MagazineFebruary 1981Vol. I No. 2