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Certainly, Sir!
Youth Magazine
March 1981
Volume: Vol. I No. 3
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Certainly, Sir!

"I WOULD LIKE another pat of butter, please." "Certainly, sir," replied the bus boy as we breakfasted in a San Francisco hotel. It was not so much what he said. It was the manner in which it was spoken that started a train of thought. "Why is it," I began philosophizing to my wife, "that we Americans are so ill-trained in good manners and the use of the English language! This busboy is evidently English. I doubt if one in a hundred college seniors in America, ready for graduation from college, could speak and act with the grace and culture of this English busboy. Yet in every other phase of education they would all probably show much further advancement than this young man.

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Youth MagazineMarch 1981Vol. I No. 3