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Which judge set out fleece to test God?

Judges 6:36-40
Youth Magazine
Are You Missing Your Cue?
Youth Magazine
April 1982
Volume: Vol. II No. 4
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Are You Missing Your Cue?
Ron Felling  

Here's how to recognize and use the oft-overlooked cues that can improve your grades. Did you know that only about one of every four students walks out of a class with the main idea that the teacher was trying to communicate firmly in mind? Without catching that main idea, what chance do those other three students have to understand the material and prepare effectively for the test? Why is it that some students get the main idea while others do not? It's because few students know what to listen for or how to write this information down for later review. Every teacher gives clues as to what he or she feels is important. These "cues" are given in various forms. By listening and watching for them, you can greatly improve your notes and your grades. Following are six cues to look for:

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Youth MagazineApril 1982Vol. II No. 4