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How tall was Goliath?
Nine feet (3 metres).

I Samuel 17:4
Youth Magazine
Dear Youth 82
Youth Magazine
August 1982
Volume: Vol. II No. 7
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Dear Youth 82
Youth Magazine Staff  

Question 1: I'm a girl of 18 and I'd like to date, but boys don't often ask me. I'm not very pretty. I get depressed because I'm not popular. Question 2: I like Youth 82 very much. I'd like my friends to have it also. May I tell them to write for it? Question 3: My local minister said he wished he had known about God's truth when he was a kid because he would have done a lot of things differently than he did as a teenager. What did he mean? Question 4: I am a very shy person. My parents tell me that I am shy because they are both shy and that I have inherited it. Does this mean that I am doomed to be shy the rest of my life? I hate it.

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Youth MagazineAugust 1982Vol. II No. 7