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By the Way... Cliques Are
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By the Way... Cliques Are "Out," Friends Are "In"

If you're "in," you really feel secure with your friends; if you're "out" it hurts, especially when you are ignored, not invited to parties, criticized or obviously made to feel rejected in other ways. How about you, do you belong to a clique? To many teens, those exclusive groups - cliques - are the biggest cause of pain during the teenage years, responsible for untold hours of sadness, anger and frustration. Cliques can influence the way we talk, walk, dress and even think. Often, being accepted by the "in" crowd seems essential to a girl's or guy's happiness. Few people can totally ignore cliques. But if we learn how to deal with them, we can be spared a lot of heartaches and unhappiness. First, we need to learn to recognize why people rely so heavily on cliques.

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Youth MagazineMarch-April 1983Vol. III No. 3