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Who cut off the ear of the priest's servant?

John 18:10
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Youth Magazine
June 1983
Volume: Vol. III No. 5
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News & Reviews
Youth Magazine Staff  

The Scoop About Ice Cream - Cycling Safely - Discover the Underwater World - Proverbs for Today: The Know-It-All - Calligraphy The Art of Beautiful Writing - Consumer Guide: Sunglasses - Ice cream - it's a universal taste treat! Whether you're eating spoonfuls of it or slowly licking it, ice c ream can cool your tongue while warming your heart. Have you ever wondered where ice cream came from or how it came to be in the form we now know it? Ice cream is one type of iced dessert. The earliest ices snow, flavored with the juices of various fruit - are believed to have originated in China. In the 13th century, world traveler Marco Polo returned from the Orient with a recipe for a frozen dessert. This dessert is believed to have been a variation of what we call sherbet today.

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Youth MagazineJune 1983Vol. III No. 5