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Acts 8:18
Dear Youth 83
Youth Magazine
August 1983
Volume: Vol. III No. 7
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Dear Youth 83
Youth Magazine Staff  

Question: I am a boy in the eighth grade, and lately have been feeling greatly depressed about a lot of things. I tend to keep most of my problems, anger and sadness bottled up. What can I do to stop being so depressed? Answer: We all face a certain amount of depression from time to time, but even small amounts can be dealt with. One good way to deal with minor, normal depression is to keep busy. To keep busy, delve completely in to your studies, your job or other activities that challenge your mind and your body. This may take some initiative because depression can make you feel like not seeking out adventure or activity. Still, if you try to remain active in several different interests, your depression problems should begin to ease. However, if you tend to be depressed deeply, or much of the time, then you should seek a qualified person, your parent if possible, to counsel and encourage you.

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Youth MagazineAugust 1983Vol. III No. 7