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Which of the apostles was martyred first?
James, son of Zebedee.

Lesson 2
Recycling Trash to Cash
Youth Magazine
September 1983
Volume: Vol. III No. 8
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Recycling Trash to Cash
George M Kackos  

Karl discovered a way to earn cash, beautify the environment and save precious natural resources. Old newspapers, empty cans and bottles what good are they? To most people, they may be just trash. But to some people they represent cash and much more! One of those individuals is Karl Klett, a 15 year old from Toledo, Ohio, where the largest consumer-oriented recycling operation in the United States is. Not only is it the largest, it may also be the most colorful. The owners decorate the machines that smash and crack the cans and bottles and give them names. And so the hundreds of people who visit the recycling station each week are greeted by machines with names like Jaws, Casey the Can-Crushing Dragon, Greta the Glass hopper and Count Crackula.

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Youth MagazineSeptember 1983Vol. III No. 8