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Matthew 27:65
By the Way... Who Are We to Say What's Right and Wrong?
Youth Magazine
October-November 1983
Volume: Vol. III No. 9
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By the Way... Who Are We to Say What's Right and Wrong?

One thing, have to say about you Youth 83 readers - you certainly let us know what's on your minds. Every day, it seems, we get letters from you - commenting on articles, asking questions, telling us how you feel. We read all of your letters with interest, and publish as many as we can. And once in a while, we get a letter that asks some basic questions that seem to demand our attention. A few days ago (as of this writing) we got such a letter: "Dear Youth 83. "Whenever you take pictures of people, they always look so lovely and goody-goody. Life isn't like that. I've been a lot of places in the world, and I can tell you they don't all look as lovely as your photos slums, prostitution, hunger and poverty. "The problems that you do publish always end in the sort of altitude that if you turn to God, your problems are solved.

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Youth MagazineOctober-November 1983Vol. III No. 9