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How did the earth help the woman escape from the flood in Revelations?
The earth swallowed up the armies.

Revelation 12:16
Your Royal Invitation
Youth Magazine
April 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 4
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Your Royal Invitation
Joel Rissinger  

Imagine yourself seated before the heir apparent to the British throne, Prince Charles, with an invitation to talk about anything on your mind. What would you say? What questions would you ask? What would you tell him? Prince Charles is a man of integrity and influence throughout the world. His personality and sense of humor have given him favor in the eyes of his people. And he will one day become King of England. It would be a great honor to be able to talk to him. It is impossible for such a man to have time to talk to everyone who would like to talk to him. Many times, it's dangerous for a king or ruler to be seen in public. For these reasons, it's highly unlikely that you will ever be able to talk to Prince Charles or his wife, Princess Diana. But, though you probably have not realized it, you have a much greater opportunity!

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Youth MagazineApril 1984Vol. IV No. 4