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Dear Youth 84
Youth Magazine
June-July 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 6
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Dear Youth 84
Youth Magazine Staff  

Question: I am 13 years old and have a younger sister who wants to tag along with me wherever I go. This is a big problem because she is too young to fit into the activities of my teenage friends, yet she will cry if I don't take her a long. Answer: One of the major complaints of older brothers and sisters, from the beginning of time itself it seems, is that the younger brothers or sisters want to tag a long. And, when they do tag along, they always seem to cause problems. The reason the younger ones tag along, of course, is that it seems to the younger person that his older brother or sister does things that are more grown-up and more fun than kids his own age. Or else there are no kids his own age and so he tags along just so he won't be left out of everything.

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Youth MagazineJune-July 1984Vol. IV No. 6