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What did Jacob call the place where in a dream he saw angels ascending and descending?

Genesis 28
Today's Curious Cults: Could You Be a Victim?
Youth Magazine
September 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 8
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Today's Curious Cults: Could You Be a Victim?
Sheila Graham  

They're mysterious, they're seductive, they can destroy your life. My first visit to the famous town was disappointing. Hollywood, glamorized for decades, is old and tarnished now, but it's still a big tourist attraction. It was difficult to get through the crowds and read the celebrities' names on the stars in the sidewalk. As I reached the Chinese Theatre, an oversized charter bus stopped to disgorge yet another load of people onto the streets. Then, above the general din of the crowds, the bus and other traffic, I heard music. The people ahead of me began moving aside to allow a brightly costumed group to dance its way through.

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Youth MagazineSeptember 1984Vol. IV No. 8