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During whose reign did part of Israel break away to form a separate nation?

I Kings 12:16

Youth Magazine
Dear Youth 85
Youth Magazine
January 1985
Volume: Vol. V No. 1
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Dear Youth 85
Youth Magazine Staff

Question: My problem is that I continually cheat on my daily schoolwork in spite of my best efforts to stop. I have told my parents, but they don't know what to do to help me. Can you help me break this habit? Answer: It is good that you realize that cheating is wrong and desire to do something about it. And, you are fortunate indeed to feel close enough to your parents to confide in them about this problem. Many teens would not feel able to do this. Cheating, however, is actually stealing and breaks one of God's commandments (Exodus 20:15). It is taking something that you have not worked for - the answers to your schoolwork. It hurts you also because it robs you of the chance to learn from the schoolwork. This cannot help but affect you later on in life when you will wish you had the knowledge you need to succeed...

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Youth MagazineJanuary 1985Vol. V No. 1
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