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Reader By-Line: Sleepyheads
Youth Magazine
February 1985
Volume: Vol. V No. 2
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Reader By-Line: Sleepyheads
Petti Jean Buck  

"Get up! You're late - you overslept!" If this sounds too familiar to you, you fit into the sleepy head category, just as I do. The average sleepyhead's day isn't one to be desired by anyone, especially if the sleepyhead is in a large family. From experience, I know this is true. I set my alarm, but as soon as it goes off in the morning, I turn it off and go right back to sleep. Eventually, I wake up from 30 minutes to an hour later, very late! I quickly get up with a sudden burst of energy, now trying to beat the clock. I spend a lot of time in the bathroom, showering, fixing my hair and primping. This keeps other family members waiting, and early in the morning this can sometimes create a conflict.

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Youth MagazineFebruary 1985Vol. V No. 2