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Where was John when he received the vision of Revelation?
On the Isle of Patmos.

Revelation 1
Shortcut to Disaster!
Youth Magazine
May 1985
Volume: Vol. V No. 5
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Shortcut to Disaster!
Michael Morrison  

I found out the hard way - things aren't always what they appear to be! Map in hand, I began my hike. It was a bright spring day and the blue of the Indiana sky was reflected in the lake. The sounds of birds filled the air. This was new territory for me, so I decided to explore all the way around this lake. Much of the area along the 10-mile (16-kilometer) shoreline was marshy, so raised trails had been built. My map showed the trails I needed to follow, but they didn't always provide the shortest distance between two points.

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Youth MagazineMay 1985Vol. V No. 5