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Reader By-Line: "Why Her and Not Me?"
Joe Di Leo  

I had just met her that morning as we stood under an awning outside of Garden City High School on Long Island, New York. We were attempting rather unsuccessfully to shield ourselves from the intermittent drizzle that had dampened the day, but not our spirits. I had just graduated from high school, and the glorious days of summer had begun. She smiled at me, I smiled back, and life couldn't have been better. The 26 members of her biology class and two teachers had planned an all-day fishing trip on a fishing boat as an end-of-the-year outing and, although I did not attend Garden City High, I was asked by a few friends to join in the fun. I could tell right away she was someone special.

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Youth MagazineJune-July 1985Vol. V No. 6