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The book of Ruth contains how many chapters?

Ruth 4
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Youth Magazine
June-July 1985
Volume: Vol. V No. 6
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Ideas Plus
Youth Magazine Staff  

I Want to Go Home by Wilma Vernich - Low-Maintenance Pets by Maria Root - Proverbs for Today: Beware of Dog by Jim Roberts: Whether you're staying over at a friend's house, visiting grandparents, going to camp for the first time or leaving home for college, there is a "sickness" that can get you - homesickness. You don't break out in A rash, have a fever or get a sore throat with this disease. But the symptoms can be just as painful. It causes sadness, an aching in the pit of your stomach and maybe tears on your pillow at night. It is a traumatic experience, especially when you would really rather be happy and enjoying yourself. It's best to handle homesickness by dealing with it head on. Some of us try to hide from it, hoping it will go away. Sometimes it does. But what if it doesn't?

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Youth MagazineJune-July 1985Vol. V No. 6