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What was the occupation of Peter, James and John?

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By the Way... "I'm Not an MCP!"

Hold it! Stop! Wait a minute! Dexter H. Faulkner is not a male chauvinist pig. My article "Beware of Mistaken Identity" in this column in February was written to help steer young people's minds out of today's sexual confusion, not to put down women. But let me quote from a letter from Tonya H. who definitely felt otherwise. "Your article 'Beware of Mistaken Identity' was biased and misleading. Did you forget to mention that Tootsie, the character in the movie, helped women to stop being passive and submit to the evil manipulation of men?" I'd like to share with you my answer to Tonya, because some of you may have reacted to the article in the same way.

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Youth MagazineSeptember 1985Vol. V No. 8