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What did God use to guide Israel through the wilderness?
Pillar of cloud, pillar of fire.

Exodus 13:21
Reader By-Line: First Impressions
Youth Magazine
September 1985
Volume: Vol. V No. 8
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Reader By-Line: First Impressions
Karen McCutchan  

BRRIINNGG! The school bell rang at 8 a.m. I didn't know anybody except for my friend Shirley in the crowd of seventh graders. I felt very uncomfortable because everyone knew everybody else except for Shirley and me. It was my first day at a brand new school. How I wish I was at my old school! I thought. At least I knew my classmates. All my old friends teased me when they found out I was going to a different school than they were. I tried hiding my acceptance letter so that I might not have to go, but that didn't work.

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Youth MagazineSeptember 1985Vol. V No. 8