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Joshua 1:8
Reader By-Line: The Wailing Train
Youth Magazine
October-November 1985
Volume: Vol. V No. 9
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Reader By-Line: The Wailing Train
Michael Warren  

The peaceful, wooded neighborhood of White Oak, Texas, may seem a long way from the horrors of World War II, but it was there that I talked to a man who had survived three years in a Nazi concentration camp. Today he tells his story in hopes that what happened in Europe 40 years ago will not happen again. Coenraad Rood was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 1917. He remembers vividly when the Germans took over in May, 1940. "It was during the night shift. We looked out of the windows of the Dutch military factory where we worked and saw the parachutes. In only five days the German army overran Holland." In 1942 the Nazis began deporting most of Holland's 140,000 Jews to East European concentration camps. Mr. Rood recalls the temporary camp he was in before being put on a train headed east.

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Youth MagazineOctober-November 1985Vol. V No. 9