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Where did Samson find honey?
In the dead body of a lion.

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Wet Pets
Youth Magazine
October-November 1985
Volume: Vol. V No. 9
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Wet Pets
Robert C Taylor  

There's something fishy about this hobby! Imagine a fish that's transparent, one that has no eyes and another that has four, a pink fish that likes to kiss and a cat fish that prefers to swim upside down! Sound strange? These curious creatures, and others just as odd, really do exist. The exciting part is that you can keep and display them in your own home. Keeping tropical fish is a fascinating hobby practiced by millions of people around the world - and for good reason. Tropical fish take little space, eat little food, rarely make noise, are usually inexpensive and create a decorative conversation piece for any room. Getting started. Setting up an aquarium can be challenging and fun, and it doesn't have to be too expensive. A 10-gallon (38-liter) aquarium with a reflector hood and lamp costs about $20.

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Youth MagazineOctober-November 1985Vol. V No. 9