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A Tribute to Herbert W Armstrong A Tribute to Herbert W Armstrong
Ambassador College Production - January 22, 1986 - SP-72

Herbert W. Armstrong died peacefully at his home in Pasadena, California on the morning of January 16, 1986, he was in his 94th year. In this special program we review the life and work of Mr. Armstrong for over 50 years the voice of The World Tomorrow. The World Tomorrow with Herbert W. Armstrong h ...View Transcript

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What Brings Lasting Success? What Brings Lasting Success?
Herbert W Armstrong - April 18, 1985 - SP-71

In the 40 years since the end of World War II, Japan has become the superstar of the Industrial World, this resource-poor nation, which must import nearly all its raw materials has become a top iron and steel producer and one of the world's leading shipbuilders. Japanese electronic goods dominate ...View Transcript

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Why a World Without Peace? Why a World Without Peace?
Herbert W Armstrong - April 5, 1985 - SP-70

Japan today is one of the most advanced and powerful nations in the world. The nation is at the forefront of technological advancement, Japanese factories produce a steady stream of automobiles and consumer goods and their electronic industry has captured the world market. Japan today is a far cry f ...View Transcript

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The Elusiveness of Peace The Elusiveness of Peace
Herbert W Armstrong - February 18, 1985 - SP-69

It is the great paradox of the twentieth century. On the one hand, man has made incredible progress, in science, in technology, in engineering. He has developed the computer, harnessed the power of the atom, walked in space and on the moon, and sent spacecraft to probe the far reaches of the solar s ...View Transcript

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What is the Key to World Peace? What is the Key to World Peace?
Herbert W Armstrong - February 6, 1985 - SP-68

In a part of the world that knows so much poverty and misery, the island republic of Sri Lanka has been a beacon of hope, blessed with a magnificent climate, breathtaking scenery and an abundance of natural resources this nation of 15 million people has shown the world an example of sound develop, b ...View Transcript

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World Peace - Mankind's Ultimate Dilemma World Peace - Mankind's Ultimate Dilemma
Herbert W Armstrong - January 21, 1985 - SP-67

In the shadow of the great Himalayas lies the kingdom of Nepal, one of the most isolated and least developed countries of the world. In the quiet valleys, the people live unhurried lives with a rhythm that is governed by the calendar, rather than by the clock. In this remote kingdom, thousands of Bu ...View Transcript

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Children - Key to The Future Children - Key to The Future
Herbert W Armstrong - January 10, 1985 - SP-65

In May 1984 the Ambassador foundation sponsored the first-ever American tour by children from the People's Republic of China, a little ambassadors of Shanghai began their tour in California they stayed on the Ambassador College campus in Pasadena when they met the Foundation's president Herbert ...View Transcript

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What is the Cause of Man's Problems? What is the Cause of Man's Problems?
Herbert W Armstrong - December 31, 1984 - SP-66

The Great Wall of China, the largest, longest, most extensive man-made structure on Earth. It stretches for thousands of miles over the hills of northern China. It was built over 2000 years ago to keep out foreign invaders and to preserve a unique civilization that reaches back to the dawn of record ...View Transcript

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The Heart of the Children The Heart of the Children
Herbert W Armstrong - December 3, 1984 - 84-19

In the closing verses of the Old Testament, God spoke through the prophet Malachi to our time. He spoke across the ages to a generation living near the end of 6,000 years of history 6,000 years, in which human beings have rejected God's ways, and have reaped the bitter fruit of their own way. Th ...View Transcript

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The Sign of Times The Sign of Times
Herbert W Armstrong - October 28, 1984 - 84-17

This world is in very deep trouble such as it never was before, know it's been several months already since the atomic scientists have come out and moved the Doomsday Clock forward one more minute from four to only three minutes till midnight and still counting. I've mentioned that several times ...View Transcript

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The Plain Truth About Abortion & Human Life! The Plain Truth About Abortion & Human Life!
Herbert W Armstrong - May 27, 1985

Is abortion a sin? Is it a crime? Let me give you some definitions. Sin is the transgression of the spiritual law of God. Crime is a transgression of the physical or the laws of man as made by a legislature or the head of a government or a municipal city or another lawmaking body. Now, in the recent ...View Transcript

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What is the Basis of Religion? What is the Basis of Religion?
Herbert W Armstrong - September 28, 1984 - 84-16

Just what is the Worldwide Church of God, and how did I come into it? You know, in this program, I want to tell you something about my own life and how I came to come into the Worldwide Church of God, and the experience that I have had in my life. Up until age 16, I think I lived a life about the sa ...View Transcript

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The Paradox of Mankind The Paradox of Mankind
Herbert W Armstrong - September 5, 1984 - 84-15

The next issue of the Plain Truth Magazine will contain on the cover a picture of the doomsday Clock of the Atomic Scientists showing that the Atomic Scientists have already turned that clock from four up to three minutes before midnight and all systems are go and counting. We are that near to what ...View Transcript

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Where Are World Events Headed? Where Are World Events Headed?
Herbert W Armstrong - August 30, 1984 - 84-14

Recently in the news, warnings of a nuclear winter. Now, we're warned that a nuclear war would produce an earth-covering cloud. It would cover the entire earth, anywhere from one to maybe 3 billion people would be destroyed by the nuclear weapons themselves, and the rest would starve to death beca ...View Transcript

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The Coming World Tomorrow The Coming World Tomorrow
Herbert W Armstrong - August 27, 1984 - 84-13

Where are we right now in world happenings, you read the news daily, you listen to it on newscast, you read it in your newspapers, but where are we right now and what is going to happen next as the world turns and world events? Very few people realize that the Holy Bible devotes about one-third of a ...View Transcript

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