Bible Study    -    32 Lesson
Test 5 – Lessons 17-20
This multiple-choice test is designed to help you review the subjects you studied in your Bible with the preceding four lessons. It's an enjoyable way of putting to use some of the vital knowledge and understanding you have gained through this course.

Notice that there are four parts to the test, each part covering one of the previous four lessons. You should take this test after finishing your studies with these four lessons.

Also notice that you must select one of the four choices given under each question or incomplete statement. These choices are labeled A, B, C, D. Only one is correct. The other three choices are wrong-unless stated or indicated otherwise. Usually they are false ideas believed by the majority of professing Christians today, or by those who do not believe in the Creator God and the divine inspiration of the Bible.

From among the four choices, select only the one that you believe to be correct. As an example, the correct choice for question one is already selected for you.

Take sufficient time to understand each question or statement, as well as the choices. Try to do as many as you can without referring to the previous four lessons. If you have any difficulty deciding on the correct answer, then review the part of the lesson covering the point under question or the statement to be completed.

Once you have finished the test and are satisfied with all of your answers, press the "Submit" button and your test will be graded automatically. A score of 75 percent or above is a passing grade.
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The Plain Truth About the Old and New Covenants (Lesson 17)
1.The Ten Commandments
A.first came into existence when God made His covenant with ancient Israel.
B.reflect God’s harsh character.
C.reflect God’s loving nature, describing His righteous character.
D.are grievous to keep.
2.Since God’s character will never change (Mal. 3:6; Heb. 13:8)
A.there never was a need for any law.
B.just having “love” fulfills His Law.
C.His Law was only temporary—from Moses to Christ.
D.His spiritual Law will never change or be done away.
3.Disobedience to the Ten Commandments
A.has never hurt anyone except the ancient Israelites. overlooked by God if done in love.
C.has produced discord, unhappiness, suffering and death. no longer possible since God’s Law has been done away.
4.Because Lucifer and one-third of the angels sinned, we know
A.God’s Law is too hard to keep.
B.a law must have already existed for them to transgress.
C.there must be something wrong with God’s Law.
D.None of the above.
5.A testament is
A.the same as a covenant, from the point of view of the Bible.
B.a mutual agreement to do or to refrain from doing some act. agreement between two parties promising rewards in return for stipulated performance. act or document by which a person bequeaths or wills certain of his possessions to another upon his death.
6.A covenant
A.goes into effect when one of the parties dies. a contract or agreement by which one party promises certain rewards or payments in return for certain stipulated performance by the other party. not a binding agreement. not similar to a contract.
7.The covenant God made with ancient Israel at Mt. Sinai imposed upon the people certain terms and conditions. They were to
A.obey God’s Ten Commandments, statutes and judgments.
B.obey only the Ten Commandments. what was right in their own eyes.
D.obey strict and harsh rules and rituals, including the sacrificing of animals.
8.If Israel kept its part of the covenant, God agreed, as His part of that agreement, to
A.give the Israelites His Holy Spirit.
B.bless the Israelites materially. away with His Law.
D.bless enemy nations with birthright promises.
9.Once a covenant is signed or ratified,
A.either party can change the terms of the agreement.
B.neither party can break it.
C.nothing at all can be added to or deleted from it. becomes null and void.
10.At Mt. Sinai, the member of the God Family who later became Jesus Christ entered into
A.a symbolic “marriage” relationship with the nation of Israel. agreement with Israel that was not like a husband/wife relationship.
C.a parent/child relationship with Israel. agreement that promised spiritual salvation to the Israelites.
11.The Ten Commandments, statutes and judgments
A.are all based on the principle of love toward God and love toward man.
B.were obeyed by Abraham hundreds of years before Moses.
C.were in force before God’s marriage covenant was made with Israel.
D.All of the above.
12.Since God’s Ten Commandments, His statutes and laws existed before the Sinaitic covenant with Israel,
A.they are out of date now and no longer very practical.
B.the cessation of that covenant made these laws null and void.
C.they were not abolished when that covenant ceased at Jesus’ death.
D.that covenant made them binding on the Israelites for the first time.
13.When did God institute the physical rituals and sacrifices?
A.After His covenant with Israel had been transgressed.
B.When the covenant was made with Israel at Mt. Sinai.
C.When He created Adam.
D.The Bible is not clear on this point.
14.The Passover sacrifice
A.was instituted by Moses after God made His covenant with Israel at Sinai.
B.was instituted by the Old Covenant and has since ceased to be observed.
C.began before the Mt. Sinai covenant, and is now observed with New Testament symbols established by Jesus Christ. observed by true Christians today in its original form.
15.Why did God command ancient Israel to perform physical ceremonies and sacrifices?
A.Because He wanted to impose hard-to-bear burdens on sinning Israelites.
B.So they could he credited with good works, even though they continued to sin.
C.To provide a way for sinning Israelites to atone or pay for their spiritual sins.
D.Because these duties would remind them of their sins and their need for the promised Messiah.
16.God gave the Israrlites ritualistic washings to perform
A.because the desert is a dirty place to live. a substitute for, or a symbolic type of the Holy Spirit. they could earn salvation. picture Christ’s death for sin.
17.The sacrifices and rituals God added after the covenant had been made at Mt. Sinni
A.ceased to be required after Christ’s death because He had been offered as the true sacrifice for sin.
B.never had any significance.
C.were never required to be performed.
D.are still required of ancientIsrael’s modern-day descendants.
18.The “marriage” covenant that began at Mt. Sinai formally ended when
A.both parties to the marriage lost interest and agreed to end their covenant.
B.the prospects for a new and better spiritual marriage led to the breakup of the first marriage.
C.Jesus Christ, the “husband” in the marriage covenant, died.
D.Israel disobeyed God’s Law.
19.According to Hebrews 8:7, what was the “fault” with the Old Covenant?
A.The people, who were disobedient because they did not have the Holy Spirit.
B.God, who had made an impossibly difficult agreement.
C.God’s Law.
D.The sacrifices, which could never make a man righteous.
20.Under the terms and conditions of the New Covenant, the Ten Commandments
A.are replaced by love.
B.are to he kept in their spiritual intent as well as in the letter of the Law.
C.are replaced by spiritual promises.
D.were kept by Christ in our stead, so we do not need to keep them.
21.Which one of the following is FALSE?
A.At Mt. Sinai, the people promised to obey God without realizing they couldn’t.
B.The New Covenant will be made with Spirit-born individuals who have already proved their willingness to obey God.
C.The New Covenant is based on spiritual promises.
D.The Holy Spirit was one of the promises of the Old Covenant.
22.The terms and conditions of the New Covenant
A.will bind Jesus Christ and His Spirit-born Church together in marriage for eternity.
B.are not relevant to Spirit-begotten Christians because the New Covenant has not yet been made.
C.are identical with the Old Covenant. not require Christians to do anything.
23.Christ will make the New Covenant with His Church and marry the Church
A.after He cleanses it from sin. the resurrection, when Spirit-begotten Christians are born of God.
C.after it has become sinless, capable of perfect obedience to Christ for eternity.
D.All of the above.
24.The New Covenant is better than the Old because the New
A.does away with God’s Law. based on spiritual promises. only temporary. already in force.
25.Which one of the following statements about the New Covenant is NOT true?
A.It has not yet been formally made, but those God calls into His Church are privileged to begin having God’s Law written in their hearts now by the Holy Spirit.
B.It will be formally made with Spirit-begotten Christians who will have been born of God at Christ’s return.
C.It will continue to be proposed to mortals during and after the Millennium.
D.It will be made only with mortal members of God’s Church who are still alive at Christ’s return.
What is the TRUE Gospel? (Lesson 18)
26.Jesus Christ preached
A.mostly about Himself.
B.about the miracles He performed.
C.the Gospel or good news God sent by Him for all mankind.
D.the same message most professing Christian ministers preach today.
27.Some of the Jews who believed Jesus was the Messiah later wanted to kill Him because
A.they did not like what He preached.
B.they hated His message.
C.He told them the truth.
D.All of the above.
28.Why are false gospels widely believed today?
A.Because ministers claiming to represent Christ have preached false gospels of their own devisings.
B.Because the true Gospel is all bad news.
C.Because people are knowingly deceived.
D.Certainly not because the true Gospel was Suppressed before the end of the first century AD
29.Which one of the following statements is FALSE?
A.Satan transforms himself into an “angel of light.”
B.Satan’s ministers appear as “ministers of righteousness.”
C.Satan worked through human instruments to suppress Christ’s Gospel not long after His ministry.
D.The Apostle Paul authorized the preaching of “another Jesus” and “another gospel.”
30.Did Jesus say it was necessary to believe the Gospel to be saved?
A.Yes, but any gospel that mentions Christ is acceptable.
B.Yes, we must believe the one true Gospel Christ and His apostles preached.
C.No, all we need to do is believe on Him as our Savior.
D.No, He never said that.
31.Malachi prophesied that God would send His “messenger” to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus Christ. This prophecy applies
A.only to Christ’s First Coming as a human being to die for the sins of mankind.
B.only to Christ’s Second Coming in power and glory, as World Ruler.
C.both to His First and Second Coming.
D.None of the above.
32.John the Baptist prepared the way for Christ’s First Coming preaching repentance and baptizing those who repented. denouncing the Kingdom of God. proclaiming the New Covenant message.
D.All of the above.
33.The Gospel Jesus preached originated with
B.Peter and the other apostles.
C.Christ Himself.
D.God, who sent that message of good news to earth by Jesus Christ.
34.Why did Jesus preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God?
A.To try to convert the Jews of His day.
B.Only to announce that message.
C.In an attempt to convert the whole world.
D.To establish God’s Kingdom in the hearts of men.
35.The Gospel of Jesus Christ the prophetic announcement of the coming government of God to rule all nations on earth.
B.foretold the establishment of the Kingdom of God during the Middle Ages.
C.has nothing to do with world rule. about self-rule for the modern-day descendants of Israel.
36.The true Gospel includes knowledge about
A.Christ as our Savior, High Priest and coming King.
B.the true way to salvation.
C.the government and Law of God’s worldruling Kingdom.
D.All of the above.
37.The Kingdom of God will be set up heaven. the hearts of true Christians.
C.with a King ruling over all the nations on earth.
D.before Christ’s return.
38.The rulers in the Kingdom of God will be
A.spirit beings who will have been born into the God Family.
B.only God the Father and Jesus Christ.
C.Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel.
D.the ten kings of the prophesied end-time united Europe.
39.In Nebuchadnezzar’s prophetic dream, the great metallic statue
A.was symbolic of his kingdom only.
B.represented a succession of world-ruling governments.
C.was symbolic of the glory and power of the coming Kingdom of God.
D.was to show what would happen in his day, not our day.
40.The ten toes of the great image represent
A.the Ten Commandments.
B.the so-called lost ten tribes of Israel.
C.a coming union of ten European nations or groups of nations.
D.ten major church denominations supporting the Kingdom of God.
41.At the Second Coming of Christ, the Kingdom of God will
A.subdue the nations of earth and rule them by the Law of God. set up through various Christian denominations.
C.negotiate for peace with the ten European nations.
D.All of the above.
42.The Kingdom or Family of God can be entered only by
A.those who are begotten and born of God’s Spirit.
B.those born into God’s Family by a resurrection or change to immortality.
C.immortal, incorruptible Spirit-born Sons of God.
D.All of the above.
43.The messenger God would send to the world before Christ’s Second Coming
A.would come in his own power and strength.
B.would, like John the Baptist, come in the “spirit and power of Elijah” the prophet.
C.would be the resurrected Elijah.
D.was not prophesied by Malachi or Christ.
44.The “Elijah to come” proclaiming the true Gospel to the world. preparing a people spiritually for God’s Kingdom.
C.has been used by God to restore His truth in God’s Church.
D.All of the above.
45.The work of proclaiming Christ’s Gospel to the world is
A.being done solely by one man.
B.being accomplished by God’s Apostle with the support of the prayers, tithes and offerings of thousands of people.
C.being done by the ministers of professing Christianity. completely finished.
46.The Gospel of the Kingdom of God that Jesus preached
A.has yet to be restored and preached to the world.
B.will be restored after Christ’s return. now being proclaimed to the world by Herbert W. Armstrong, Pastor General of the Worldwide Church of God, and by those who assist him throughout the world. being proclaimed by the Christian-professing churches.
47.The work of God’s Church is ultimately performed by
A.human beings alone.
B.the power of the Holy Spirit, which works through God’s human instruments. entirely different source of power from that of the early Church of God.
D.those who just study the Bible .
48.Which one of the following statements is NOT true?
A.Modern technology has made it possible to reach multiple millions around the world with the Gospel.
B.People in over 100 countries have access to the true Gospel via the pages of The Plain Truth and other free literature of the Worldwide Church of God.
C.The Gospel of the Kingdom of God is being “preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations” as Jesus said it would be.
D.Jesus reached more people with the Gospel than His Church is reaching today.
49.What is the “sign” Jesus said would indicate that the end of this age and the beginning of the World Tomorrow are near?
A.The preaching and publishing of the Gospel of God’s coming Kingdom for a witness to all nations.
B.The sun turning red and the stars falling.
C.A great earthquake splitting the Mount of Olives in two.
D.A nuclear war killing everyone on earth except true Christians.
50.The “sign” by which we can know that the end of human misrule and Jesus’ Second Coming are near yet to occur.
B.happened in 1914. the increasing membership in Christian-professing churches. now being fulfilled by “The World Tomorrow” program, The Plain Truth and Good News magazines, and this Bible correspondence course.
What and Why The Church? (Lesson 19)
51.A church, as referred to in the Bible, a building with a steeple and a cross.
B.could not be defined as a congregation of worshippers. in reality the people who worship God. no longer necessary in today’s society.
52.What would NOT have happened if Adam had taken of the tree of life?
A.God would have continued to teach Adam and Eve more about His way of life.
B.God could have started His Church in the Garden of Eden.
C.God would have banished Satan and given Adam the throne of the earth.
D.Adam would have immediately become a spirit being.
53.After Adam sinned by eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
A.he received the Holy Spirit and became part of the foundation of the Church.
B.God cut off the Holy Spirit from everyone except for a few He would call to help prepare for His Kingdom.
C.God’s plan for mankind was ruined without any hope of repairing the damage.
D.God made Adam ruler of this world.
54.Before Christ could fulfill His mission on earth and begin the New Testament Church, He had to
A.qualify to replace Satan as earth’s ruler by overcoming him.
B.merely finish preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.
C.discredit the Pharisees’ authority.
D.bind Satan for 1,000 years.
55.Which one of the following statements does NOT explain why Christ called twelve disciples before beginning His Church?
A.So He could personally train them to be teachers.
B.So they could teach others God would call into His Church later.
C.To keep the membership small.
D.So they would form part of the foundation of the Church.
56.Who can become a member of God’s Church?
A.Only those whom the Father specially chooses to call.
B.Anyone who wants eternallife.
C.Only those who are already “born again.”
D.Anyone who calls Jesus” Lord.”
57.Which one of the following is NOT a purpose for God’s Church?
A.To train rulers for the World Ahead.
B.To train teachers who will teach the knowledge of the way to salvation to everyone in the Millennium.
C.To prepare its members to help Christ build a new civilization on earth.
D.To help reform this world now.
58.God is testing or trying all the members of His Church know whether they will continue to obey His government. see them suffer. disqualify as many as possible from being rulers and teachers.
D.for no apparent reason.
59.The Church of God is “feeding” (teaching) Spirit-begotten children of God
A.through Bible camps and religious communes. weekly Sabbath services and through the Church’s publications. requiring them to attend Ambassador College.
D.All of the above.
60.What did God command the Church to do for the world before Christ returns?
A.To preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to all nations as a witness.
B.To participate in humanitarian efforts to solve this world’s problems.
C.To work for world peace through better government.
D.To bring salvation to as many people as possible.
61.Which of the following is a TRUE statement about the New Testament Church Jesus founded?
A.Jesus founded the Church before He ascended to heaven.
B.God called only Old Testament prophets to form the foundation for the future Church of God.
C.The actual foundation was composed of Christ and the apostles only.
D.Both Old Testament prophets and New Testament apostles formed its foundation, with Christ as the Chief Cornerstone.
62.What holds God’s Church together?
A.The natural cooperation of its members.
B.Church government, which unites the members to function in harmony.
C.The absence of Satan’s influence.
D.Democratic government.
63.Who established government in the Church?
A.The Pastor General, God’s Apostle.
B.Satan the devil.
C.God Almighty, who chooses the human leaders to administer His government.
D.The members, as in a democracy.
64.Who is the real Head of the Church?
A.Christ, who rules the Church in love.
B.Pastor General.
C.The Bishop of Rome.
D.No head is needed since the members live by God’s Law of love.
65.Those in God’s Church today are learning to become rulers in the Kingdom of God by
A.being dictators over their families.
B.voluntarily placing themselves under the authority of God’s government.
C.disregarding God’s government.
D.deciding for themselves which laws of God to obey.
66.In what way is the Church organized?
A.Very poorly.
B.Without Christ’s leadership.
C.All parts, like that of a human body, are joined and functioning together in harmony and teamwork.
D.With no offices of responsibility to keep the Church functioning smoothly.
67.The function of an apostle in God’s Church, both in early New Testament times and today, is to
A.proclaim Christ’s Gospel message of the coming Kingdom of God.
B.supervise those who assist him in proclaiming the Gospel.
C.supervise local congregations of the Church.
D.All of the above.
68.The doctrines of God’s Church
A.were written in the Bible by the prophets and apostles, who were inspired by the One who became Jesus Christ.
B.did not originate with God the Father.
C.were not documented in written form, but rather passed orally.
D.are revealed to each member by Christ Himself.
69.Which one of the following does NOT describe the Church of God?
A.It is the “body of Christ.”
B.It includes independent Christians outside of the body of Christ.
C.It is the Kingdom of God in “embryo,” soon to be born of God.
D.It is the Spirit-begotten affianced bride of Christ that shall marry Him after being made immortal.
70.The members of the body of Christ help support the Church’s work by
A.their prevailing prayers.
B.their tithes and offerings.
C.their encouragement of those God has placed in leadership roles in His Church.
D.All of the above.
71.Once spiritually begotten, a Christian
A.does not need to grow spiritually.
B.must be fed and nourished with spiritual food through his spiritual “mother,” God’s Church, to grow spiritually.
C.does not need personal, daily contact with God through prayer. already “saved.”
72.A Spirit-begotten Christian is to grow spiritually in grace and knowledge attending church every Sunday. trying to convert others.
C.through Bible study, prayer, fellowship. and being taught by the ministry of God‘s Church.
D.only through fellowship with other Spirit-begotten children of God.
73.When Christ said, “I will build my church,” He meant
A.He would establish many different churches or religions having different teachings and beliefs.
B.He would build one unified and organized group of believers—one true Church.
C.His Church would be a loose assemblage of those who merely believe on Him.
D.the hundreds of denominations making up the Christian professing world today.
74.Spiritual salvation is possible joining the church of one’s choice.
B.either outside or inside of God’s Church.
C.only by bearing spiritual fruit as a “branch” attached to the one true Vine—Christ—the Head of God’s Church.
D.if one is not a part of the body of Christ.
75.If an individual leaves the body of Christ to “follow Christ in his own way,” or does not want to participate in the work God’s Church is doing, he
A.has rejected the instrumentality God uses in the spiritual training necessary to be in His ruling Family.
B.will spiritually wither and die, like a branch cut off from its vine.
C.will not be a part of the “bride” that is to marry Christ at His coming.
D.All of the above.
In Training for Rulership (Lesson 20)
76.God’s Spirit-begotten children
A.will retire for eternity in the Kingdom of God.
B.will rule in heaven with Jesus Christ.
C.are royal heirs to the throne of England.
D.are receiving the training necessary to rule the earth with and under Christ.
77.The Kingdom of God is
A.not a divine Family one can be born into.
B.not the government of God administered by the ruling Family of God.
C.the divine Family of God, into which Spirit-begotten Christians will be born at Christ’s return.
D.eternally limited to only the Father and the Son.
78.God will give offces of responsibility in His government those who qualified for those positions during their training period.
B.not as a reward, but as a gift. those angels who refused to follow Lucifer in his rebellion. all who have professed Christ.
79.The government of God’s ruling Family is
A.Christian democracy.
B.from the top down—like His instructions for human family government.
C.a tyrannical dictatorship.
D.not based on any law.
80.Which one of the following statements does NOT accurately describe an aspect of the Millennium?
A.The Kingdom of God will rule all nations on earth.
B.Christ will be King of the world.
C.Satan will be put away where he can do no harm.
D.Satan will still broadcast his attitudes of sin to all mortals.
81.The world as we know it built on the solid foundation of God’s Law. Satan’s world because it is built on a foundation of sin.
C.does not need to be rebuilt from the bottom up. God’s world.
82.This world’s civilization
A.was founded by Adam and Eve when they sinned. influenced by Satan.
C.will be replaced by God with a totally new civilization after Christ’s return.
D.All of the above.
83.God sent His own Son to earth to
A.strengthen civilization’s foundations. earth’s decaying civilization.
C.begin building a new and totally different structure of civilization by founding His Church.
D.All of the above.
84.Which one of. the following statements does NOT describe the future rulers of the World Tomorrow?
A.Spirit-born members in God’s Family.
B.Serving and helping humanity, always ruling in love.
C.Qualified to rule by having learned to serve during their mortal lives.
D.Self-serving, ruling for their own gain and benefit.
85.In the Millennium, Christ will teach everyone the way of salvation forcing His truth upon them. pleading with them to give their hearts to Him.
C.with the help of thousands of trained teachers.
D.with the help of this world’s educators and theologians.
86.Everyone God has called to salvation now
A.has been called to qualify to help rule and teach in the World Tomorrow.
B.does not need to learn to serve and teach while still mortal. exceptionally gifted in governmental administration. automatically given eternal life.
87.The Christian’s preparation to become a part of God’s ruling Family
A.has nothing to do with living the Christian life.
B.includes belief, repentance, baptism, and living the Christian way of life.
C.includes relying on God’s grace without any need to obey Him.
D.includes the obtaining of a college degree in political science.
88.Which one of the following statements is FALSE?
A.Learning to rule in the World Tomorrow begins with submission to God’s rule now.
B.God will not allow us to rule in His Kingdom unless we prove our willingness to be ruled by Him now.
C.We will no longer be under authority once born into the ruling Family of God.
D.There will always be a chain of authority from God the Father, through Jesus Christ, and on down.
89.Spiritual growth, which is essential to the training of the spiritual leaders of the World Tomorrow,
A.involves the knowledge of what God defines as right as opposed to wrong.
B.involves righteous character development through obedience to God’s Law.
C.must continue throughout one’s Christian life.
D.All of the above.
90.God will develop His holy, righteous character in Spirit-begotten Christians
A.because of their natural goodness.
B.who resist the keeping of His Law.
C.only as they willingly and actively choose to be led by God’s Spirit. forcing it upon them.
91.All who are called by the Father to rule with Christ when He restores God’s government on earth
A.must turn from Satan’s attitude and way of life, and learn to live by God’s Law of love.
B.must overcome with human effort alone.
C.Both A and B.
D.are not being judged for their future responsibilities.
92.How is a Christian judged for his future job in God’s Kingdom?
A.Simply by accepting Christ as his Savior.
B.According to his works in this life.
C.Certainly not by his “works.”
D.By the Church.
93.God will give His gift of eternal life to
A.everyone who desires it.
B.those who earn it.
C.those who meet certain conditions laid down in His Word.
D.those who just profess Christ.
94.The “reward of the saved” is
A.rulership with Jesus Christ.
B.the gift of eternal life.
D.not earned.
95.Which one of the following statements does NOT accurately represent the meaning of the parables of the pounds and talents?
A.Christians will be given offices of responsibility in God’s Kingdom based upon how much spiritual “fruit” (good works) they produced while mortal.
B.God’s Spirit-begotten children will be given jobs according to their spiritual growth and overcoming in this life.
C.God’s servants will be rewarded according to how much of His character is developed in them before Christ returns.
D.These parables have nothing to do with Christians being rewarded.
96.God expects all Christians to grow and overcome spiritually equal amounts regardless of their natural ability.
B.only after they are resurrected. whatever circumstances they may find themselves.
D.only if they are naturally very talented.
97.A Christian who does nothing with God’s Spirit—the “pound” or “talent”—he’s been given
A.has failed utterly in God’s real purpose for his life.
B.will still be rewarded.
C.cannot be blamed for not accomplishing anything because he wasn’t given much to work with.
D.would make an effective ruler in God’s Kingdom.
98.God can know how well you would rule in His Kingdom giving you opportunities to work in the governments of this world.
B.only after He has given you such responsibility in His Kingdom. seeing if you are obedient to Him in the decisions of everyday life, and in how you relate to others.
D.just from seeing whether you pay your tithes faithfully.
99.Every Christian who is growing spiritually concentrating on developing himself to the exclusion of all else. wholeheartedly supporting the work God has given His Church to do. not really interested in helping to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the world as a witness.
D.does not really have his heart in the work of God’s Church.
100.Those whom God has called into His Church have been called to the publishing and preaching of the Gospel to the world with their prayers, tithes and offerings.
B.grow in His righteous character. trained now to become rulers and teachers in the Kingdom of God.
D.All of the above.