Richard J Rice  -  Pastor General's Report   -  September 25, 1978

A new flyer has been recently designed by the Subscriber Development staff and Graphics department, which we call the "Add Flyer. " It is sent to all new subscribers to The PLAIN TRUTH and offers them the following literature: Does God Exist?, Why Were You Born?, and The Seven Laws of Success. Re ...

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God's Sacred Calendar God's Sacred Calendar
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Special Topics   -  1974

God's sacred calendar is the true calendar for all mankind. Its principles go back to the very first chapter of the Bible, where the sun and the moon were appointed to be for signs, seasons, days and years (Gen. 1:14). This is the calendar God gave to Israel when He led them out of the pagan pract ...

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The Plain Truth about the PROTESTANT Reformation - Part VIII The Plain Truth about the PROTESTANT Reformation - Part VIII
Roderick C Meredith  -  Plain Truth   -  February 1959

Did the Protestant reformers get back to the "faith once delivered"? Were they led by God's Holy Spirit? The naked FACTS in this series of articles are a revelation of long-hidden truth! The startling fact that rank paganism came in and took over the early professing Christian church is ...

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Coming Out of Sin Coming Out of Sin
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Sermon   -  Unleavened Bread   -  April 12, 1985

Do we really understand why we keep them? And do we understand this particular festival of the Feast of Unleavened Bread thoroughly? You know, we have an entirely different situation today than they did in the days of Jesus and the first original, first century, apostles. I think that we have heard ...

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This Is The Story Of You, Me And Those Called Into God's Church This Is The Story Of You, Me And Those Called Into God's Church
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Worldwide News   -  November 12, 1979

Many have never understood how God came to predestinate and call YOU, me and other members to various functions, offices and administrations in HIS CHURCH in our time. This will be an eye-opener to some who have not fully understood before. THERE CAME A TIME when the living God needed to raise up a ...

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The Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Installment 29 The Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Installment 29
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Plain Truth   -  June 1960

Mr. Armstrong's first time on the air and other experiences in the starting of this present world-wide work are recounted in this 29th installment. Actually, this great end-time world-wide work of God had started in that little one-room country schoolhouse, eight miles west of Eugene, Oregon. An A ...

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Lawson C Briggs  -  Plain Truth   -  March 1978

In these days of doubt and challenge to traditional beliefs, it's hard to know what to accept. Was Jesus Christ a myth as some say? Or did He truly exist? Can He be found in history? Is there any way to know? Many evidences based on recorded historical fact show that Jesus of Nazareth did live, th ...

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MINISTUDY: Prelude to the 'Day of the Lord' MINISTUDY: Prelude to the 'Day of the Lord'
Richard H Sedliacik  -  Good News   -  October-November 1981

How would you react if God suddenly spoke to you and warned you to take drastic action to save your life from imminent destruction? Would you listen attentively? Would you heed what He had to say? Or would you just scoff and disregard His warning? Few realize that God has already spoken to us today: ...

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Did Jesus Wear Long Hair? Did Jesus Wear Long Hair?
Harry Eisenberg  -  Tomorrow's World   -  June 1971

Short hair was the dominant, accepted mode for men in the time of Christ. Pick up any good, illustrated history book on the period and you will see the evidence before your eyes. Two good books in this area are A History of the Holy Land, Michael AviYonah, editor, and Daniel to Pad, Gaalyahu Cornfel ...

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Hypocrisy Hypocrisy
Leroy Neff  -  Sermon   -  1978

What do you think was the sin most frequently condemned by Christ? I'll repeat that, what sin do you think was most frequently condemned by Christ? I was thinking of that last evening and for the last few days I've had a particular subject in mind and I began to think, well now what did He conde ...

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The God Family Open or Closed? The God Family Open or Closed?
George T Geis  -  Tomorrow's World   -  September-October 1970

Remember back to your high school days when there was a particular group you wanted to break into. Maybe it was the athletic clique, or perhaps the scholar's corner, or the popular cheerleader's circle. How painful it was when you were rejected because you didn't quite meet their standards. Wh ...

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Inside the Book of Revelation Inside the Book of Revelation   Chapter Six         
Ambassador College Production  -  Special Topics

The progression of prophetic events in Revelation is temporarily interrupted after the sixth angel blows his trumpet (the second "woe") (Rev. 9:13-21). Revelation now gives us two inset chapters. They bring the reader up to date on a very important happening during the last days. That landmark ...

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Brethren & Co-Workers Letter - August 27, 1980 Brethren & Co-Workers Letter - August 27, 1980
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Brethren & Co-Workers Letter   -  August 27, 1980

The 1980 presidential election campaign is in full swing—and red-hot! On August 27 the candidates were DEBATING on HOW to debate! They accuse each other, promise what they think will win votes. But inflation and unemployment continue. World troubles escalate. Even the Soviet Union has serious troubl ...

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Roderick C Meredith  -  Pastor General's Report   -  January 08, 1979

Greetings everyone! I know a lot of people have been drawn many different directions the last few days, but many are very loyal and encouraging. I hope all of you are trying to be loyal and encouraging through the trials we're going through. And we certainly all need each other's prayers. Bre ...

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What is Your DESTINY? What is Your DESTINY?
Roderick C Meredith  -  Good News   -  January 1960

Here is a sobering analysis of the revealed future of those whom - God is now calling. WHAT will you be doing one hundred years from now? Have you realized that you are now in the process of determining your eternal destiny? I know that many of you who have been baptized this past summer - and many ...

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