Just one more thing: Food for spiritual growth Just one more thing: Food for spiritual growth
Dexter H Faulkner  -  Worldwide News   -  May 27, 1985

For the past several issues we have been publishing an important new feature in The Worldwide News. It is called "Iron Sharpens Iron," and we have been devoting an entire page to it each time it appears. I hope you have been reading every word in this exciting column, even studying it. It ...

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Why Did God Raise Up the Nation Israel - and Deny Them Spiritual Salvation? Why Did God Raise Up the Nation Israel - and Deny Them Spiritual Salvation?
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Good News   -  May 1984

Did anyone ever think to ask WHY God raised up the ancient nation Israel, denying them His Holy Spirit and eternal salvation - except their prophets only? WHY were Old Testament Israelites called God's "chosen people" - and still denied the Holy Spirit to beget them into eternal life? &q ...

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Come to the TABERNACLE Come to the TABERNACLE
Roderick C Meredith  -  Good News   -  June-July 1958

You should all see our new Tabernacle being built near Gladewater. Texas. Here's the RIGHT way to do it! GOD's CHURCH is building a large new tabernacle on our own spacious grounds near Gladewater, Texas. It is a BIG project! Most of you have read and heard about this inspiring undertaking. YOU ...

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50 Years of Feast Keeping 50 Years of Feast Keeping
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Good News   -  September 1983

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Philadelphia era of God's one true Church. 1983 is, in the words of Pastor General Herbert W. Armstrong, our "jubilee year." Throughout the years God's Church has faithfully kept God's annual festivals, including the Feast of Tabernacles. T ...

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How to Use Your Second Tithe How to Use Your Second Tithe
Leslie L McCullough  -  Good News   -  August 1980

What is "second tithe"? What is it for? How, when and for what should it be spent?, Here are the answers to these often asked questions. God's true Church keeps His tithing laws! And we are the only group in the world, as far as we know, doing so. God revealed to us" His people, a special s ...

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Armageddon Armageddon
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Radio Broadcast   -  1982

Time is running out! Armageddon is closer day by day, and it's not too many days off now. Troubles, even wars between nations are increasing all the time. It may have a great deal to do with plunging this world into the nuclear World War III, and that's going to end this civilization. Just how n ...

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Roderick C Meredith  -  Good News   -  December 1955

Can YOU afford the joyous privilege of attending God's annual festivals? Here is the answer to the question we promised you at the Feast of Tabernacles! HOW joyous the recent Feast of Tabernacles was! What a tremendous inspiration and blessing it was to attend! How much more real meaning there is ...

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A Time of Renewal A Time of Renewal
John H Ogwyn  -  Sermon   -  July 23, 1994

We're focusing in on the Feast and talking about that, I don't know if you've gotten out a calendar and looked, but you know, God's Festivals are getting pretty close. Do you realize there are 45 days from now until the Feast of Trumpets? 45 days, that's just over 6 weeks from now until th ...

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Today Is NOT the ONLY Day of Salvation! Today Is NOT the ONLY Day of Salvation!
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Good News   -  October 1954

What will happen to unconverted mortal human beings after Christ returns? Will they be given their FIRST chance of salvation? And what of those who lived and died in total ignorance in Past ages? Are they lost forever? WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE: TO UNDERSTAND the Bible you need seven keys. Because the ch ...

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Proper Approach to Doctrine Proper Approach to Doctrine
Herman L Hoeh  -  Sermon   -  1976

I would like to address this afternoon a subject which is in keeping with the tradition of custom that the book of Ecclesiastes is associated in terms of reading as are some other of the books of the Bible at the various Festival seasons of the year. The book of Ecclesiastes is associated with this ...

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Leaven and Leavening Agents Leaven and Leavening Agents
Ambassador College Production  -  Study Tools

God uses leaven to symbolize sin, I Corinthians 5:1-8. Sin puffs us up and grows with in us spiritually just as physical leaven puffs up bread dough. God uses unleavened bread to symbolize a sinless life. God tells us we are to put leavening agents as well as any leavened product out of our homes by ...

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Does GOD Have a Headquarters Church Today? Does GOD Have a Headquarters Church Today?
Herman L Hoeh  -  Good News   -  October 1953

Where is the central church of divine authority to which scattered members and local churches should look for TRUE DOCTRINE or to settle disputed points? INCREASING numbers are now being added by God to His Church. The establishment of local congregations is steadily increasing. God's church is gr ...

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Thou Shalt Not! Thou Shalt Not!
Herbert W Armstrong  -  Good News   -  July 1952

Are the Ten Commandments "NEGATIVE" and therefore a WRONG form of law? OFTEN we hear the basic Law of God impugned as negative, and therefore not good. God is often conceived as a stern, wrathful God, who angrily says to us: "THOU SHALT NOT!" God's truth is sometimes looked upo ...

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Brian Knowles & John R Schroeder  -  Plain Truth   -  December 1978

In the beginning God had a plan. That plan is still being worked out under the active leadership of Jesus Christ. Each year, the Church of God pictures the divine plan of salvation by the observance of seven annual holy days. Writing to the Church of God at Ephesus, the apostle Paul said: "For ...

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Roger G Lippross  -  Pastor General's Report   -  September 25, 1978

New records for September were set this week with over 107 degree temperatures for two or three days here in Southern California. The Plain Truth newsstand program has also set new records with 6,509 new P.T. subscriptions in the last five days. We're suggesting that newsstand coordinators get ...

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