Worldwide News February 04, 1974 HeadlinesWorldwide News February 04, 1974 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff   

'Vital thrust' continues with St. Louis campaign - A Personal Letter from Garner Ted Armstrong - The Huntings thank Church for concern - January admissions a college first - The Official Grapevine - Scandinavian tour includes initial visit into Finland - Steuben crystal makes a quality gift - Tour of Netherlands sparks more growth in Dutch Work - Most-remote members live among populace of India - Former Nazi now campus barber, recounts active and colorful life - Danish proofreader for college recalls war incidents in Norway - 'Ministerial best' not easy in flood and mud - Seeing college students succeed is dean's greatest sense of satisfaction - U.S. CHURCH AREAS, PASTORS AND ATTENDANCE - College growth explains accreditation needs - Texas campus welcomes new students - Local church news wrap-up - Niagara Falls named new site to accommodate '74 Feast - Bricket Wood reports substantial growth for 1973.

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