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Who am I: I lived in Bethany. I had two sisters. I died from an illness and was dead for four days. Jesus Christ brought me back to life.

John 11

Worldwide News May 13, 1974 HeadlinesWorldwide News May 13, 1974 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff   

Dedication launches largest conference - Auditorium dedicated to Great God - Worldwide ministry assembles - A Personal Letter from Garner Ted Armstrong - New teaching on divorce given in opening meeting - S.E.P. director former track star, recreation plays big part in life - Summer Educational Program now in 11th year - Profiles introduce S.E.P. faculty and staff - New wilderness challenge offered to Church teens - Scenes from ministerial Conference - Artist puts posters to work for Work - Senior class tours Europe in annual trip to Continent - College grad opts for simple life, trades office for wind and grit - Local church news wrap-up - The Official Grapevine - Campaign to be held in England.

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Publication Date: May 13, 1974