Worldwide News June 10, 1974 HeadlinesWorldwide News June 10, 1974 Headlines
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Mr. Armstrong scheduled to visit with King Hussein - A Personal Letter from Garner Ted Armstrong - 1974 commencements culminate college careers for 249 students - Manila sets stage for future campaigns - The Official Grapevine - Vacationing families threatened as rampaging creek destroys camp - Following 10 years of globe-trotting, elder recalls events after graduation - Newsstand program becoming front-runner - Caroline's interests, determination help her overcome physical problems - French-speaking Africans visited on baptizing tour - Imperial High's career education helps students plan for life's work - Resource center praises response of Church - WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD U.S. MINISTERIAL TRANSFERS - 1974 graduation scenes - Registrar's offices release lists of 1974 graduates - Member unhurt in accident, considers survival a miracle - S.E.P. programs geared to adventure - Local church news wrap-up - TV specials to be aired this summer - Severe crisis fails to deter members of Church in Ulster.

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Publication Date: June 10, 1974