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Worldwide News July 08, 1974 HeadlinesWorldwide News July 08, 1974 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff   

Budget cuts explained - British 'PT' lectures draw about 700 nonmembers - School officials meet with parents - A Personal Letter from Garner Ted Armstrong - Mr. Armstrong cautions members on speculations regarding Temple - The Official Grapevine - Manila office director tells of recent Asia tour - New Zealand director gets impromptu vacation - Pasadena campus to offer classes for area general public in evenings - Headquarters team to facilitate communication - Experience aids newsstand director - TV stations to carry specials - Italy gets austerity program - Stranded 'PT' personnel receive rare view of real 'planet Russia' - Soviet hospitality good, food isn't, writer recalls after U.S.S.R. trip - Local church news wrap-up - British S.E.P. hosts 224 youths as program begins its sixth year - S.E.P. director sees 'another light' - Auditorium hosts three Tiu sisters.

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Publication Date: July 08, 1974