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Who undertook the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem just before Christ's return.
Herod the Great.

Worldwide News May 12, 1975 HeadlinesWorldwide News May 12, 1975 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff  

Herbert Armstrong returns to U.S. for commencement and Pentecost - Powerful campaign follows GTA's trip to Middle East - Transfers announced - Audiences of 600 and 900 hear Oklahoma campaign - Living high on the dog, or, why don't we eat pork? - Tacoma salesman finds 'better way,' becomes top broadcast announcer - Aussie 'PT,' campaigns grow rapidly - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MRS. PETERS - Tornadoes ravage Nebraska city; members report some close calls - The Official Grapevine - New Zealand Work reaches public through 'Plain Truth' films, lectures - Local church news wrap-up.

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