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What am I: I am a symbolic animal mentioned in the New Testament. My rider carries a sword, and my colour is red.
The red horse.

Revelation 6:3

Worldwide News September 13, 1976 HeadlinesWorldwide News September 13, 1976 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff   

'PT' headed for supermarkets - Buck Owens to appear at four U.S. Feast sites - Philippine members escape killer quake - 'Sunset to Sunset': a special album - 6-year-old recovers - Tragedy did not stop this man - Burmese man provides power for church - Lost hiker found after 30 hours - Man manufactures miniature furniture - Seattle cassette system saves lost sermons, etc. - 'WN' sponsors Major drawing contest - SEP Alaska sets up camp at Daniel's Lake - Local church news wrap-up.

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Publication Date: September 13, 1976