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Who am I: My father-in-law was Judah. I gave birth to two sons that were illegitimate. They were the beginning of the two lines of Judah. Their names were Pharez and Zarah.

Genesis 38

Worldwide News April 24, 1978 HeadlinesWorldwide News April 24, 1978 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff   

HWA keeps Passover at home as Church enters Spring Feast - GTA at NAB meet - Graduate school slated to begin classes this fall - Newly named president reports on college move - Work launches ad campaign in British Isles - The President's Pyrrhic victory - British celebrate 21st, 25th anniversary - U.S., the West forgetting God - Church rallies to aid neighbors in need - Iron curtain doesn't bar Feast.

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Publication Date: April 24, 1978