What God Never Did - Never Will - Allow To HappenWhat God Never Did - Never Will - Allow To Happen

   This thought came to me as I was eating breakfast this morning: In all this world's history, God has never started an important Work or special activity through a chosen human, and then, after that special accomplishment is well advance, ALLOWED His chosen human leader to be overthrown by Satan or in any way to turn false!
   Yet those promoted high within that Work or special activity for God have been allowed to run false, against God's chosen leader.

The example of Moses

   Start with Moses specially called and chosen by God to lead the Israelite slaves out of Egypt and to the promised land. Moses was human. He had human faults and weaknesses but he also had human strengths, and God gave him the extra strength needed.
   Moses' brother Aaron had been elevated high as Moses' spokesman (since Moses had a speech impediment he stuttered). Aaron, with his sister Miriam, did once turn false and say to Moses in effect "Who do you think you are? We are just as high on a level with you!" God punished.
   Then there was Korah. He and others associated with him in a rebellion had been raised to high position in the nation Israel a nation emigrating from Egypt with 2 1/2 or more million people (600,000 men age 20 and above plus women an children).
   There was real organization within that nomadic nation, but none equal to Moses in top authority under God and no No.2 men in authority over all except Moses.
   Yet Korah and his fellow dissidents were not satisfied with their already lofty positions they wanted to GET take to themselves more AUTHORITY, EQUAL TO MOSES. God caused the earth to swallow them up.
   But the man God had prepared in advance the man God chose as His instrument in STARTING the tremendous project of moving some 2 1/2 million people to the promised land was never allowed by God to be wrong.
   Yet Moses was abused, accused, criticized.
   The same with Joshua, the man God chose to take over after Moses' job was completed and pilot God's people across the Jordan River into the promised land. Joshua remained FAITHFUL!
   Jesus Christ appointed Peter chief apostle to Israel, and Paul chief apostle to the gentiles. They were falsely accused, opposed, criticized but neither was allowed by CHRIST to turn wrong though some under them did turn wrong.

The Philadelphia Era

   In our time, God first prepared, then called me unmistakably, to raise up the Philadelphia era of God's Church at this END TIME just before the end of this world and to proclaim the GOOD NEWS of the world tomorrow and the Kingdom of God. That was 46 years ago though God called and chose me 52 years ago.
   But what has happened in that 46 years? My elder son, Richard David, was taken in death, dying "in harness" on a baptizing tour the most loved of the ministers in God's Church, because he exuded so much LOVE!
   But then my second son came along, "prepared" in all the evils of enlisted men in the U.S. Navy, and (this was MY mistake, not yet then realizing God has never used a No.2 man in authority). I delegated a considerable authority to Ted.
   But he went way beyond what I delegated and assumed TOTAL AUTHORITY, trying to cut me off completely which meant also cutting off all above him (which meant cutting off Jesus Christ and God Almighty). There were others who were either POWER hungry or money hungry (probably mostly the former).
   I came to LOVE, TO ENTRUST AUTHORITY to, to honor and respect Albert Portune, David Antion, C. Wayne Cole, Raymond Cole, Ron Dart all men once high in God's Work today, as Korah and his fellows were in Moses' day. And now WHERE ARE THEY? All are trying to DESTROY the very WORK OF GOD they once sought to support, as they climbed the ladder of success!
   Today the living Christ, Head of the Church, is SETTING IT BACK ON GOD'S TRACK, yet these dissidents would have you think Christ's apostle and even the Church has gone sour and, like vultures of the sky, they figuratively hover over it, waiting for this, that and the other member to DIE SPIRITUALLY, so they may gobble up the remains! They no longer seek to build they seek to DESTROY!

Close to the END of the age

   Well, brethren, just where do we stand AT THE MOMENT? During the past year this Church of the living God has been at least 75 percent set back on God's track. We are getting frighteningly close to the END of this age. This Church was drifting into a Laodicean condition. Incidentally, both the Sardis and the Laodicean eras of the Church were GOD'S CHURCHES NOT SATAN'S!
   Someone spread the false rumor that I have said these others were or will be Satan's churches. The Sardis era in the main had become spiritually dead had rejected too much of GOD'S TRUTH was accomplishing virtually NOTHING in spreading the true Gospel to the world (indeed had no clear conception of what that Gospel is). The Laodicean church will be characterized by spiritual lukewarmness half of its membership (Matthew 25:1-13) will be shut out of the Kingdom of God.
   But, the BAD NEWS, as it appears today, my dear brethren, is that we, undoubtedly of the Philadelphian era my son's ridicule not withstanding are in serious danger of BECOMING also the Laodicean era. I am personally much concerned about that. If YOU are NOT concerned, then indeed we are in mortal DANGER!

Attempt to destroy Church

   Satan is pulling out ALL STOPS now to DESTROY THIS CHURCH OF GOD! No matter how angrily and vehemently they deny it, SATAN IS USING these former leaders, and they are yielding completely to Satan's will! I no longer hesitate to call a spade a spade!
   But what Jesus Christ raised up is the CHURCH OF GOD. Today it encompasses the earth, so we call it the WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD! Garner Ted bragged to me that HE built this Church. It was BUILT when he was 3 years old!
   Much much later, my son was allowed to have microphones before him that went out on hundreds of stations. But what CHRIST BUILT through his father placed those microphones before him. He STARTED nothing! He pioneered NOTHING!
   But a letter from one woman member illustrates what happened. She first heard of us through one of my son's TV programs and wrote for literature. She read booklets that I wrote, on what is salvation, what is the Kingdom of God, what do you mean "BORN AGAIN", etc. and THESE BOOKLETS led to her conversion. There have been many like that.
   Let me close with one thought. It is now a little late in life for me to turn to Satan's way, as so many others in high places have done.
   God never yet has let one through whom He STARTED a great project turn wrong and He has never yet let such an appointed leader of His die until the job was FINISHED!

Publication Date: June 25, 1979
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