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What guest was thrown out of the wedding by the king?
The one without a wedding garment.

Matthew 22:11

Just one more thing: Learn from one anotherJust one more thing: Learn from one another

It happened just hours after the stock market crash of 1929, to be exact, four days into the beginning of the Great Depression. But Laurence and Gerdie Hume were not a bit depressed. They were embarking on a new life - a full, meaningful, fruitful life. Fifty years ago they were married. For better or worse, they both said, and they meant it. The times were tough, but there were beautiful moments also - five daughters and 50 years later their consensus is, "It was all worth it." My wife Shirley is one of the five daughters. We have just returned from helping them celebrate the accomplishment of 50 years of marriage.

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Publication Date: November 26, 1979