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What guest was thrown out of the wedding by the king?
The one without a wedding garment.

Matthew 22:11

Just one more thing: Teamwork and team spiritJust one more thing: Teamwork and team spirit

Have you ever participated in an old-fashioned tug-o-war? Remember the excitement, the anticipation, the boasting and most of all the team spirit. Remember how everyone, large or small, had a part to play. There usually was a captain, and an anchor person, who had to be big. The captain would oversee the team - tell you when to pull and when to hold. Remember when he would yell in rhythm, "Pull team, pull team, pull," and each member would give it all he or she had. Each determined to win. All combined energy, concentration and strength, pulling on that rope. Inch by inch one team would pull the other over the line and win the trophy. Tired and sore muscles never stopped the sheer joy of success amid congratulations and victorious cheers.

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Publication Date: March 10, 1980