Just one more thing: The way we allow ourselves to thinkJust one more thing: The way we allow ourselves to think

Spring is here. How can I tell? Easy. First, this morning my wife told me it was time for spring cleaning. Second, my sinuses. And third, the weeds that profusely grow in my garden after the California winter rains. This morning I was determined to tackle the weeds. Want to or not. I had to gather my tools and get to the root of my problem. No trouble with the first few, but then I came upon a weed I had never seen before. Tug as I might, this way and that, I could not uproot, that weed. Exhausted and frustrated, I sat down to rest before my second assault. As I sat there looking at that weed in disgust, a thought came to mind about a story I had read in a magazine.

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Publication Date: March 24, 1980