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What am I: I am a symbolic animal mentioned in the New Testament. My rider carries a sword, and my colour is red.
The red horse.

Revelation 6:3

Just one more thing: But it was only a little white lieJust one more thing: But it was only a little white lie

"But it was only a little white lie - what's wrong with than" How many times have you heard these words or perhaps even said them yourself to justify a "small" falsehood? I knew a compulsive liar once. As a child, his parents were hard on him and never allowed him to have any of his schoolmates over to his home. At some point in his young life he discovered that he could get attention and admiration from his-peers by telling tall tales about the vast number of toys he had, things he had done, food he had eaten, money he had, conquests he had made. He didn't worry about being found out because none of his friends could check up on him.

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