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When Mary Magdalene saw Jesus after he was risen from the dead, who did she think he was?
The gardener

John 20:14-15

Just one more thing: Can you spare a minute?Just one more thing: Can you spare a minute?

Can you spare a minute - have you ever thought how much one is worth? A minute by itself may not seem worth much, unless it is that extra minute needed to catch a plane or train, or that critical minute sooner that would have caught someone before he or she left the office timely moments. Sit back and count off 60 seconds and experience how long it is, then ask yourself how much you could have done in that time. I could have made a phone call to a reader, given a brief assignment to a staff member, typed 30 (maybe 40 on a good day) words of copy, proofread half of my column, written an answer to any of those countless memos on my desk. What about you?

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Publication Date: October 27, 1980